People Speaking Out Against the Narrative

The number of people speaking out against the official COVID-19 narratives is extensive and growing. The ways in which this list of people has spoken out is highly varied — some are opposed to nearly all Covid measures, while others specifically oppose vaccinating children, and so on. What this group of individuals has in common is the desire for empirical evidence-based research informing decisions about how to combat the Covid pandemic, and the recognition that policies around the world have not been rooted in scientific, empirical research.

Government Employees Speaking Out

Police Officers and Lawyers


Medical Professionals Speaking Out


A group of over 230 German medical doctors called on the Members of the European Parliament and the German Federal Chancellor to “stop all direct and indirect coercive measures with the aim of vaccinating previously unvaccinated people”.1) 2) The December 13, 2021 letter cites studies from Israel, Sweden, Qatar, and Germany and argues that:

  • “The absolute, individual benefit of vaccinations against COVID-19 is marginal in the population average”;
  • “Young and healthy people and especially healthy children and adolescents must be advised against vaccination, as the risks of serious side effects and long-term effects far outweigh the possible benefits”; and
  • “The claim that vaccination protects other people from COVID-19 is not valid and untrustworthy in view of the high number of illnesses among vaccinated people and the lack of difference in infectivity between vaccinated and unvaccinated people”.

Alarmingly, the authors write that at least 0.015% (1 in 6,666) of all vaccinations in Germany resulted in serious adverse events requiring hospital admission, and the true rate is likely higher due to under-reporting of adverse events. English and French translations of the original German letter were made available in the weeks that followed.3) 4)

Dr. Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital in south London, has worked in the intensive care unit for nearly two years treating Covid patients and has chosen not to be vaccinated.5) Here he is speaking to Sajid Javid, who became Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK in June, 2021.6) Note the deafening silence from the group of nurses he addresses at the very start of the clip.

On January 12, 2022, Dr. Steve James gave a 38 minute in-depth interview with Freddie Sayers at Unherd.7) He's prepared to lose his job rather than have the vaccine (which, for him, has greater risk than benefit). He spoke up on behalf of his colleagues - who are part of some 10% of the NHS workforce - who don't want the shot and could lose their jobs on April 1, 2022.

Physician Groups

Individual Doctors


Scientists Speaking Out

In December 2021, Byram Bridle, Robert Malone and Harvey Risch wrote an article for the Federalist titled “Forcing People Into COVID Vaccines Ignores Important Scientific Information”.8) 9)

An open letter to the President of the University of Guelph from Dr. Byram Bridle, September 17, 2021.10)

Peter Doshi is a senior editor at The BMJ and on the News & Views team. Based in Baltimore, he is also an associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.11) Here is part of a 6-minute testimony12), given at the British Society for Ecological Medicine,13) in which he takes apart some of the dominant narrative around the so-called “vaccines”, and calls for some critical thinking.


Intellectuals Speaking Out


Philosophers, Professors, and Thinkers

Podcasters, Radio Hosts, and Videobloggers

Ordinary People Speaking Out

  • Elaine Alec (stelxnitkw, “Standing by Water”)14) - author, Indigenous community leader and womens' advocate - posted on Instagram that she had “talked to people who cannot get a vaccine because of their health. They are not cleared for vaccination. I have talked to people who have extreme phobias of needles and even those who had to have months of intensive therapy just to get their first shot… People do not owe us an explanation of why they aren’t vaccinated or why they choose not to be. So many people just can’t.”15)
  • Betty Pezzimenti speaks to Bret Weinstein16) about the fact that the Victoria, Australia government are making it virtually impossible for her to get an exemption from the draconian vaccine mandate there, despite the fact she has a known anaphylaxis reaction, potentially fatal, to PEG,17) one of the components of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines.

Financial Advisors and Economists

Funeral Directors and Morticians


See Petitions.

Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

There has been a significant increase in heart attacks and related health issues since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines began in 2021. This needs immediate and full scientific investigation to establish if there is any possible link with the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

This is a petition to the UK Parliament. It requires 100,000 signatures in order to get debated in the House of Commons. If you're in the UK, you have until June 6, 2022, to sign it.





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