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Aaron Siri

From his professional biography, Aaron Siri “is the Managing Partner of Siri & Glimstad LLP and has extensive experience in a wide range of complex civil litigation matters, with a focus on civil rights, class actions, and commercial litigation.”

Injecting Freedom Substack

In October, 2021, Siri began writing a series of articles at his Substack titled 'Injecting Freedom', “born out of the crushing number of requests to comment upon our work and the broader work being done to safeguard individual rights.”

December 23, 2021: Update on Filing with the U.S. Supreme Court to Reinstate the Stay on OSHA’s 100+ Employee Vaccine Mandate.1)

January 4, 2022: Reply Filed in the U.S. Supreme Court to the Government’s Claim of Nearly Unlimited Authority to Force Private Companies to be the Vaccine Police.2)

January 7, 2022; In a major victory for transparency, the Court firmly rejected the FDA's request to release the pre-EAU Pfizer documents at the rate of 500 pages per month (a project which would have taken 74 years to complete), ordering them instead to release them at a rate of 55,000 a month.3)

Vaccine Licensing Lawsuit

Discussing U.S. Supreme Court Win Staying the Federal [[OSHA]] [[Vaccine Mandate]] on Companies with Over 100 Employees

by Aaron Siri - Substack January 23, 2022 A win for informed consent and the most basic liberty right to not be coerced by the government to relent to an unwanted medical procedure.

In prior posts, I discussed the case my firm brought along with others to the U.S. Supreme Court to stay Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate on companies with 100 or more employees. In this interview on the Highwire, I discuss the oral arguments at and decision by the Supreme Court, including the claims made by some of the Supreme Court judges about preventing transmission and deaths 4)

Asymmetric "Governance"

Illegal Licensing


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