Project list

This pages serves as a location to collect projects and tasks needing working on.

Articles to create

The following items are topics that have come up through the course of other research that have not yet been properly documented. Users can feel free to create these pages as they see fit, but make sure to draw the links to the COVID-19 pandemic or related topics as early as possible so we don't wind up with random page “stubs.”

Articles to clean up

The following articles exist but are in need of a clean up. Sometimes, users will copy and paste entire paragraphs from outside articles without formatting or editing the piece to fit into the Wiki; in other cases, pages become so long and chock full of information that they lose their structure. Feel free to clean the following articles up, without simply deleting valuable information contained within. In other words, take the important parts of the underlying information and rewrite it to fit wiki, then remove the extraneous parts: