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Childrens Health Defense - October 14, 2021

The Citizens’ Commission to Safeguard Freedom has released a report which lays out detailed evidence of disruptive infiltrators who introduce top-down organizational structures that limit discourse and push well-intentioned groups towards right-wing extremism.

According to the “The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement”:

“Health freedom organizers from New York to California have become aware that there are repeated attempts to infiltrate and hijack existing authentic grassroots movements to steer them into unproductive or even destructive channels. It is essential for all health freedom activists to realize that this is indeed a real part of the struggle in which they are involved and must be taken into account with an alert eye.”

The report goes on to warn that “government and powerful allied forces” are working overtime to brand the heterogenous health freedom movement as a “monolithic right-wing group so that they can officially classify us as ‘extremists,’ if not ‘domestic terrorists.’”

The Themis Report details how disruptive operatives:

  • Infiltrate, mimic and ultimately hijack existing groups by piggybacking on brand recognition.
  • Target group owners, earn trust and then install bots that enable the takeover of the group to assert new identities and goals.
  • Control content that can be shared within groups and distort group missions.
  • Steer groups toward aggressive or unproductive behavior and confuse members with regard to peaceful protest locations and assertion of values.
  • Harvest private data and information related to health freedom strategies.

According to the report, disruptors appear to heavily target the social media platform, Telegram. Among identified disruptors are individuals named “Harry” and “Gina,” both of whom were administrators for a decoy Telegram group, WorldWideUSA.

The group, which drew members from the authentic and decentralized grassroots group, World Wide Demonstration, had been organizing health freedom demonstrations in major cities throughout the world.

The report also identifies other potentially compromised Telegram offshoot groups and channels, including:

  • America’s Frontline – Citizen Corps
  • Operation Take Back America
  • The Constitutional Freedom Initiative
  • COVID Vaccine Victims
  • The World Wide Wake Up
  • Branches of Freedom Groups
  • Share-Facts

While the platforms and methods may vary, this coordinated sabotage is nothing new. But health freedom advocates need not be discouraged — these efforts are further evidence that we are winning, and that we are a formidable threat to a corrupt and broken system that can no longer conceal its failures.

Still, it makes sense to be informed and aware of the potential threats to the safety and integrity of the health freedom movement. Effective activism requires constant introspection and revisiting of values and goals.

Historically, this movement is a diverse and bipartisan one that embraces curiosity and makes room for a spectrum of ideas.

Children’s Health Defense advises advocates to be on the lookout for any group or individual that diverts attention from our shared goals of health freedom and respect for humanity and our environment, and to convene in the spirit of peaceful resistance and reject any calls to violence or aggression.1)

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