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Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose, PhD is a Computational Biologist who jumped into COVID-19 vaccine research after becoming alarmed by signals she saw while examining data in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) early in 2021.

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Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new online attack

Jessica Rose - Substack August 16, 2022

This piece is quite atrocious. The author makes a series of strange and false claims about me. This is par for the course for this person, so I am informed. But this article is about the personal and public attack aimed at me.

D has never met me, or spoken to me, and did not try to contact me before taking time out of precious life to write this piece, and to publish it. I imagine D at her beautiful cherry desk with her bookshelves lined with encyclopedia behind her, typing madly away at her laptop about this terrible girl named Jessica. What was your purpose here, D? If these COVID-19 shots are safe, then they are safe. Why do care about my position on this subject matter? It doesn’t affect you. Does it bother you? Why does it bother you? If you personally believe that I am contributing to so-called ‘vaccine hesitancy’ by presenting data, and that this belief holds any water at all, then I suggest: the truth, transparency and informed consent. The truth, transparency and informed consent, in fact, would have prevented any kind of vaccine hesitancy, in my opinion.

People are rejecting the shots now because they are seeing loved ones being injured: not because of what I say. I am speaking on their stories reported to VAERS, not the other way around. 3)

Smear source dubbed “D” by Dr. Jessica Rose is Dorit Rubenstein Reiss who has a documented track record as a vaccine industry shill going back to 2014. Dorit's ties to the web of NGO vaccine front groups merits its own page with Wayback copy of the original smear piece as insurance for the Substack live link.

Interviews and Media

Rose writes frequent articles at her current Substack project, 4).

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