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Dr. Joseph Váron

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Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Medical School in Mexico City, Mexico 1987
Internship in internal medicine at Providence Hospital/George Washington University
Residency in internal medicine was completed at Stanford University School of Medicine
Fellowships in critical care medicine and pulmonary diseases at Baylor College of Medicine

Job Title

Chief of Staff, Chief of Critical Care Services, and Director of Covid 19 Unit at United Memorial Medical Center
Chairman of the board at United Memorial Medical Center Premier in Houston
Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Houston Medical School
Associate Dean at the Caribbean Medical University and Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine at several universities in Mexico.

  • contributed to more than 830 peer-reviewed journal articles, 12 full textbooks, and 80 book chapters to medical literature.
  • reviewer for multiple journals
  • Editor-in-Chief for Critical Care and Shock and Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews
Focus Areas
  • pulmonology
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • therapeutic hypothermia
  • selective brain cooling
  • hypertensive crises management
Lectures & Presentations
  • Dr. Varon has lectured in over 56 different countries around the globe.
Notable Achievements / Positions
  • Along with Professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine in 2008), Dr. Varon created the Medical Prevention and Research Institute in Houston, Texas.
  • With Dr. Carlos Ayus, he co-described the hyponatremia associated to extreme exercise syndrome also known as the “Varon-Ayus syndrome”.
  • Nicknamed the “Covid Hunter” for his dedication to patient care and for working overtime during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. He has been awarded multiple commendations for this, including proclaiming proclaiming Sept 25, 2020 as “Dr. Joseph Varon Day” by Sylvester Turner, Mayor of the City of Houston. Dr. Varon worked 500+ days in a row treated Covid-19 patients.
  • More than 1,800 interviews on Covid-19.
  • Founding member of the FLCCC Alliance and co-author of the MATH+ and I-MASK+ Prophylaxis and Treatment Protocols for COVID-19
  • Prescribes Ivermectin as prophylaxis and treatment for Covid-19. Also uses Fluvoxamine, vitamins, nasopharyngeal sanitation, and melatonin for Covid-19.
  • with Mr. James Boston co-described the healthcare provider anxiety syndrome also known as the “Boston-Varon syndrome.”
  • Supports Covid-19 vaccination
  • Supports personal autonomy in making personal medical decisions with consultation with medical professionals
News and Interviews
  • Interview by Dr. Mobeen Syed from Dr. Mobeen Medical from Jul 23, 2021
  • ACCM Fellow
  • Reviewer Award 2012, 2013
  • Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2013
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2012
  • Most Compassionate Doctor Award 2011, 2012
  • Texas Favorite Physicians 2012, 2012
  • Patients’ Choice Award 2010, 2011
  • Outstanding Achievement Award for Extraordinary Service and Dedication to the Medical Profession, 2011
  • Most Compassionate Doctor Award 2010, 2011
  • America’s Top Physicians 2010, 2010
  • America’s Top Physicians 2009, 2009
  • Outstanding Achievement Award to the Medical Profession, 2008
  • Key of the City of Cove, Texas, 2006
  • Elected Fellow of The American College of Geriatrics Specialists (F.A.C.G.S.), 2005
  • 2003 Physician of the Year Award, 2004
  • Award for teaching performance, 2003
  • “Dr. Atenógenes Saldivar Award” for outstanding service in education and research, 2002
  • Humberto Filizola Award, 2002
  • Dr. Joseph Varon Award for Clinical Research, 2001
  • Selected by the American College of Chest Physicians as representative to attend the 8th Annual Capitol Hill Caucus, 2001
  • National Leadership Award. Awarded, 2001
  • Jay Block Award for excellence in reviewing manuscripts, 2000
  • Jay Block Award for excellence in reviewing manuscripts, 2001
  • Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (F.C.C.M.), 1999
  • Elected Fellow of the American College of Physicians (F.A.C.P.), 1996
  • Franklin E. Ebaugh Jr. Award for excellence in research conducted as a house officer, 1990
  • Franklin E. Ebaugh Jr. Award for excellence in research conducted as a house officer, 1991
  • Honors mention awarded by the Mexican Anatomy Society for haven given the Master Conference : “Anatomy, an historic flash turned into surgery”, 1986
  • Honors for having obtained the highest grades in all subjects and excellent performance in the pre-graduate internship, 1986
  • Honors for medical performance at the “X”, 1985
  • Diligence diploma for having obtained the top grade in all subjects during 1982, 1984
  • Diploma for distinguished results among the first three positions for Physician Surgeon, 1983
  • Honors for having obtained the first place in the contest for medical posters against tobacco, 1983
  • Diligence and distinction diploma among the first three top positions in the medical school during 1983, 1983
  • Letter of recognition for the effort performed in the regular course of medical histology, 1981
  • Letter of recognition for the performance in the course of human anatomy, 1981
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