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Mathew Crawford

Mathew Crawford (July 17, 1977 –) is an applied statistician, financial quant/trader, and educator by profession. He is the founder of the MetaPrep Education Group, LLC that runs Rounding the Earth. He is the founder of Operation Uplift and the Campfire Wiki project.

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Crawford attended Washington University in St. Louis on full scholarship as a Compton Fellow of Mathematics and the Physical Sciences. There he participated in statistical genetics research at the Institute for Biomedical Computing at the Human Genome Project. He was part of two top-5 team finishes on the William Lowell Putnam Examination and became the second president of one of the nation's only student-run debate teams with which he won the Missouri (MAFA) title and national Brady Garrison Newcomer of the Year award. He dropped out of school to take a job as a quantitative trader in the bond unit at D.E. Shaw.

Vocational History

Pizza Kitchen

Everyone has to start somewhere. Crawford started working as an illegal employee of an Italian restaurant and pizza shop in Vestavia Hills, Alabama at the age of 12. There he washed dishes, took phone orders, made pizzas, folded boxes, and helped clean. He loved making minimum wage, paid under the table and untaxed.

Statistical Genetics

Prior to starting his undergraduate education, Crawford worked under Dr. David States at the Institute for Biomedical Computing, the statistical hub of the Human Genome Project in 1995. There he derived the running time for the Basic Local Alignment Search Toolkit (BLAST), which computes the evolutionary distances between species, thereby allowing efficient scheduling of computing time for researchers. He also spent time teaching statistical modeling to several biologists stepping into genetics research at the time.

Actuarial Sciences

Crawford worked as a junior actuary at National Alliance Insurance Company in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitican area where he achieved perfect papers on the first two actuarial examinations in 1996 and 1997. Crawford built one of the world's first automated insurance pricing applications.


Crawford worked in the hedge fund industry for four years (1998-2003), taking off a year in the middle to run his own successful stock option trading portfolio. More recently (2017-) he built a successful cryptocurrency trading operation that included a bot trading operation.


Crawford is first and foremost an educator who has founded, co-founded, and helped build numerous education companies and nonprofits including Universal Set Educational Resources, Art of Problem Solving, schools MIST Academy and Daedalus Education, and MetaPrep Education Group.1) 2) He formerly acted as manager of the AoPSWiki.3)

Publication History

Crawford's first publications were math books, including multiple textbooks with Art of Problem Solving, a company he helped architect and build.


  • While the study was already published in the book, Overcoming the COVID Darkness, the study on the first 4,376 COVID-19 patients treated at the All Valley Urgent Care clinics was published at Rounding the Earth on January 13, 2022.4)

Online Presence

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Interviews, Podcasts, and Public Speaking

Mathew hosts the Rounding the Earth Podcast along with Liam Sturgess that can be found at Rumble, YouTube, and other places you expect to find podcasts.

Mathew's Personal Online Resources

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