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Liam Sturgess

William Chamberlain Sturgess, known as Liam Sturgess, is a Canadian musician, producer and writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.1)

He is the former producer and co-host of the Rounding the Earth podcast, owner of Sturgess Prime Productions, and administrator of the Campfire Wiki.


Sturgess was born September 17, 1995 in Calgary, Alberta.



Sturgess was given the Kind Heart Award by City of North Vancouver Mayor Linda Buchanan in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic.2) 3)

Discussing local governments' actions in the first wave of shutdowns resulting in the widespread cancellation of artistic and youth events, Sturgess noted “even though the world was drastically changing, we [can] still take a moment to be thankful for our successes and joys from the past while we prepare for the uncertain future.”4)

Engaging the crisis

In September 2021, Sturgess co-authored the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) policy statement alongside several other CCCA members.5)

In October 2021, Sturgess co-authored a paper for the CCCA on the topic of natural immunity to COVID-19 alongside Drs. Bonnie Mallard, Niel Karrow, Byram Bridle, David Speicher, Chris Shaw and Steven Pelech, reviewing a collection of 15 studies compiled by Daniel Horowitz at Blaze Media.6)

In June 2022, Sturgess travelled to Toronto, Ontario to participate as secretary in A Citizens' Hearing.7)



Sturgess authors “COVID-19 Reports”, a Substack series primarily investigating conflicts of interest in Canada's COVID-19 response.8) A second series titled “The COVID Blacklist” began in in June 2022, with investigations into Margaret Hamburg and Afsaneh Beschloss.9) 10)

In May 2022, Sturgess self-published National Advisory Committee on Immunization: COVID-19 Report. As of January 2023, the book was ranked #16 in Amazon's list of best-selling “Medical Drug Guides”, #17 in “Drug Guides (Books)” and #79 in “Public Health Administration”.11)


Sturgess' work has been featured on several mainstream media outlets including CTV, the Georgia Straight, and the North Shore News.12) 13) 14) 15)

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Sturgess is a writer/editor for the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA), where he also briefly served as Chair of the group's External Communications Committee.16)

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