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A Citizens' Hearing

A Citizens' Hearing is the name of a Canadian event held in Toronto, Ontario. It is a joint in-person/live streamed conference taking place from June 22-24, 2022.1) It was one of several events that preceded the formation of the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI).

A report summarizing the event and its key proceedings was published in January 2023, authored by Liam Sturgess.2)



Speakers at A Citizens' Hearing
Name Affiliation Topic
Irvin Studin Institute for 21st Century Questions Education
James Kitchen Liberty Coalition Canada Masking
Leighton Grey - Employment/labour
Steven Pelech Canadian Covid Care Alliance; Kinexus Bioinformatics Natural immunity
Allan Rouben - Emergencies Act
Sam Presvelos - Charter analysis
Leslie Smith - Charter analysis
Patrick Phillips - Issues with professional colleges
Deanna McLeod Kaleidoscope Strategic COVID-19 in children
Eric Payne - vaccine injuries
Shawn Buckley - Regulatory approval process
Francis Christian - International law
Gail Davidson Canadian Covid Care Alliance International law
Myriam Bohmier - Family law
Lyndie Hall - Economic impact
Richard Schabas - Informed consent
Preston Manning - Cross-partisan roundtable discussion
Kelly-Sue Oberly - Vaccine injury
Arlene Datto - Vaccine injury
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Sturgess, L. (2023). A Citizens’ Hearing: Examining Canada’s Covid Response. Canadian Covid Care Alliance.
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