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British Columbia

British Columbia is a province in Canada.


Public health measures

Physicians who complied with workplace guidance to adapt to COVID-19 measures were offered $1,000.00 paid directly to them (not through their establishment).1)

Masks and face coverings

On November 24, 2020, Jamie Lipp of the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General notified police, compliance and enforcement officers across the province that a mandatory mask order was in effect and tickets could be issued for noncompliance.2)

A Vancouver Sun poll on March 2, 2022 revealed that approximately 79% of British Columbia residents believe the province should have already removed mask mandates and vaccine passports along with the rest of Canada.3) Roughly 11% of respondents supported maintaining measures “for a while yet”.4)

In March 2022, the BC government began soliciting feedback for its COVID-19 response from the general public, with a final report scheduled for submission on September 30, 2022.5)

Vaccination Campaign


BC began requiring a COVID-19 “proof of vaccination” card in late 2021, which quickly became a digital “proof of vaccination” ID via a QR Code. The Province made several posters and promotional materials available for businesses enforcing the vaccine passport.6) 7)

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