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About Operation Uplift

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The primary goal of Operation Uplift is simple: Help the world find the best medical path through the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, most members participating in Operation Uplift currently believes the following (but keep an open mind to change on all accounts):

  1. Early treatment and a few simple organizational and technological solutions solve the pandemic.
  2. Mass vaccination programs are not the answer, and may be extremely harmful to many people.

In addition to these viewpoints, we recognize the overarching goals of,

  1. Understanding how and why the world is being pushed away from better solutions toward worse ones, and
  2. Setting the world on a stronger path for human health.

These four points create reasonable division for both research and presentation for arguments and ideas. Let us be active in gathering, organizing, and disseminating information to encourage the best possible outcomes.

Note: differences of perspectives will arise. This should not be an issue in research documents as we absolutely want all research and perspectives expressed in an organized way. Team leaders can adjudicate rare conflicts that may arise, or Project Managers if necessary. But this is intended as a benevolent dictatorship in the short term.

Statistical Analysis Overview and Tools

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Beliefs (including the four points above) are not mandates for participation. And any of us can change our minds as evidence evolves. So be it.

Vision, Strategy, and Rules

We are the Pandemic’s renegade healers. We are the Rebel Alliance. There is a cancer in the world that needs healing. We need to work toward understanding it, and educating others about it.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Always evaluate the economics of all aspects of the project. The goal is to optimize resources in achieving the best possible outcome.

All documents involving Operation Uplift should be considered private aside from the several documents specifically intended for public consumption. If you need access to a document, request it from your project manager.


We will put together a well organized set of documents compiling everything we all know about the virus, the disease, and how it gets treated.

COVID-19 Treatment Education

This will be the vaccine document (and website?) that we present to the public, including policy makers, doctors, researchers, etc.

Early Treatment/Prophylaxis Protocols

Much thanks to Nash Yielding for starting and contributing a great deal to the following important documents. At the point at which we begin moving material to a website, this will serve as a great basis for actionable information. Additions to these documents are very much still welcome.

COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccine Education

This will be the vaccine document (and website?) that we present to the public, including policy makers, doctors, researchers, etc.

Vaccine Injury Treatment

This is new ground. There are some doctors like Patterson and Yogendra working on it. We need a knowledgeable team member to begin organizing information that shows promise.

Pandemic, Power, and Politics Research

Let’s not mince words: there is a lot of ugliness going on regarding the pandemic. Some of that may be conspiracy on various levels, and much of it takes place at or near the highest levels of power. The world has never seen a moment like the COVID-19 pandemic.

See politics

Pandemic, Power, and Politics Education

The Pandemic is an extraordinarily costly event for humanity. The metagoal for all of us is a healthy and thriving humanity. This requires education of institutions and power structures that created or exacerbated the pandemic.

Let's meme a better system of healthcare into existence.


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