Freedom Convoy 2022

The Freedom Convoy 2022 was a cross-Canada protest movement against the Justin Trudeau government's mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies. It saw a record-breaking number of trucks and other vehicles form a convoy that travelled from Vancouver, British Columbia to Ottawa, Ontario, collecting additional participants as it travelled East towards Parliament Hill.


Legacy Media Coverage

The legacy media published a wide variety of false and misleading claims about the Freedom Convoy, its stated intentions and its associates.

A February 6, 2022 poll published by the Toronto Star showed out of 106,448 total votes, 98,348 people (92.39%) expressed disapproval with Ottawa mayor Jim Watson declaring a state of emergency in response to the protests in front of Parliament, with respondents citing the truckers' and their supporters' right to protest.1)

Independent Media coverage

On the ground footage

Convoy Live is a directory of footage from Ottawa indexed by time and place.

Many citizen journalists live-streamed their experience at the convoy protest in downtown Ottawa.


Doctors Debate

A public invitation was extended to Teresa Tam and Canadian public heath officials to debate the science behind the government's pandemic response.

Doctors Ready to Debate The Science

Government Response

Protest Audit

The City of Ottawa auditor general held public consultations on how city services responded during the freedom convoy.
Ottawa residents with a variety of views and backgrounds gave their input.

Emergencies Act

The Emergencies Act, formerly known as the War measures act3) had only been invoked once before during the October Crisis.

Human rights organizations such as The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Amnesty International, have criticized the Trudeau government for invoking the emergencies act. 4)


On February 18, 2022, during a standoff with police, a group of horse-mounted officers charged up to the crowd of protestors. In a sequence of events captured on a Druthers livestream, two people were trampled by the horses.5) 6) One man appears to be isolated from the crowd by the shoulder one of horse, with a second horse ramming into the man, knocking him down and catching an elderly woman in the process.


Public Order Emergency Commission

The Emergencies Act legally requires an inquiry into its enactment.

You can watch the public hearings on the commission's website.

The Democracy Fund also has provided daily highlights.

All the evidence submitted can be searched at

During the November 9 session of the inquiry, a lawyer collapsed mid-testimony.8)

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