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GiveSendGo is an alternative crowdfunding website that uses Stripe

Notable Campaigns


Distributed Denial of Secrets serves and distributes datasets hacked from GiveSendGo2)

  1. Donor Data for every campaign as of February 2021 3)
  2. Over a thousand scanned identity documents of crowdfund creators were leaked on a public amazon-hosted S3 bucket 4)
  3. Donor information for the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest as of February 13 2022 5)
  4. 5GB of files including a database dump, Stripe & admin info, and donor info for the Adopt a Trucker campaign from the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest. 6)
  5. Updated stripe and donor information for the Freedom Convoy 2022 GiveSendGo Campaign 7)
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