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BNT162b2 is a COVID-19 genetic vaccine product developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. It uses a gene transfer platform combining messenger RNA (mRNA) and lipid nanoparticle technology to cause the recipient's cells to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.1)



FDA Ingredient Disclosure Non-medicinal contents of each dose of Pfizer. 2)3)

BNT162b2 uses a number of patented materials and products in its design and function. BioNTech in particular claims ownership of patents including:4)

  • Patents directed at RNA;
  • Patents directed at lipids/lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and mRNA;
  • Patents specifically directed at pharmaceutical compositions involving LNPs and mRNA.
BioNTech patents claimed for BNT162b2 (non-exhaustive)
Title Patent/Published Application Applicant/Assignee Filing Date Status Invention Type
Particles comprising a shell with RNA US 10,576,146 BioNTech March 15, 2018 Active Lipids/LNP + mRNA
RNA formulation for immunotherapy US 10,485,884 BioNTech March 5, 2013 Active Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Particles comprising a shell with RNA US 9,950,065 BioNTech September 26, 2013 Active Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Particles comprising a shell with RNA US2020/0155671 BioNTech January 22, 2020 Pending Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Methods and compositions for stimulating immune response US2020/0197508 BioNTech March 21, 2018 Pending RNA immune response
Method for reducing immunogenicity of RNA US2019/0153428 BioNTech August 24, 2016 Pending RNA immunogenicity
Formulation for administration of RNA US2019/0321458 BioNTech July 14, 2017 Pending Pharmaceutical composition (PC) of Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Lipid Particle Formulations for Delivery of RNA and Water-Soluble Therapeutically Effective Compounds to a Target Cell US2018/0263907 BioNTech March 30, 2016 Pending Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Stable formulations of lipids and liposomes US2017/0273907 BioNTech September 17, 2015 Pending Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Method for Cellular RNA Expression US2014/0030808 BioNTech December 2, 2011 Pending RNA expression
Lipid particle formulations for delivery of RNA and water-soluble therapeutically effective compounds to a target cell WO2016/156398 BioNTech March 30, 2016 Published Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Particles comprising a shell with RNA WO2015/043613 BioNTech September 26, 2013 Published Lipids/LNP + mRNA
Particles comprising single stranded RNA and double stranded RNA for immunomodulation WO2013/087083 BioNTech December 15, 2011 Published Lipids/LNP + mRNA

Vaccine Trials


Companies involved in the clinical trial process in any way include:

Pfizer Trial Report

Critiques of Trial Protocols

Large Skewed Data Exclusions

Refusal to Release Safety Reports and Raw Data

Pfizer is trying to halt the release of documents studying its vaccine. However, due to a FOIA request submitted by Aaron Siri, some of those documents have been released.

Emergency Use Authorization

Efficacy of BNT162b2

Efficacy in Preventing Death

Efficacy in Preventing Hospitalization

Efficacy in Preventing Infection

Efficacy in Preventing Symptoms

Efficacy in Preventing Transmission



National Contracts

Pfizer has been criticized for an array of strong arm tactics while negotiating contracts for its vaccines with various nations.


Noteworthy Safety Events

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