America's Frontline Doctors

America's Frontline Doctors

America's Frontline Doctors was founded by Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM. They provide documented COVID-19 information, COVID-19 treatment options, and legal information about masks and injections.



  • Founded in July 2020
  • White Coat Summit held on the steps of the Supreme Court on July 27, 2020
  • On May 21, 2021, America's Frontline Doctors sued the United States Department of Health and Human Services in an attempt to prevent children from receiving COVID-19 vaccines. The 80-page petition was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.
  • White Coat Summit II was held in San Antonio, Texas on July 24, 2021

Data Breach

In September 2021, The Intercept reported on hacked data that was provided by “an anonymous hacker who said the sites were “hilariously easy” to hack, despite promises of patient privacy.” 1)

Litigation between Simone Gold and AFLDS insiders

Florida court case

Joseph “Joey” Gilbert and the Free Speech Foundation (which does business as “America's Frontline Doctors”) sued Simone Gold, seeking an emergency injunction against Gold. The injunction request was denied.

This lawsuit disclosed that AFLDS had purchased a $3.6M residential home that Simone Gold lived in. The plaintiffs knew that she was living in the home and issued a summons to Simone Gold at that location, 808 Myrtle Terrace in Naples Florida. The adversarial parties involved would later dispute the extent of the board members' knowledge regarding the purchase of the $3.6M residential property.

  • The defendant filed Dec 30, 2021 GC meeting notes which discuss potential zoning issues with the $3.6M home (“Headquarters House”): “Royce updated on the issue of zoning where the house is located. Zoning is residential and use of house may be non-conforming and potential open FSF up to complaint.” These meeting minutes suggests that Joey Gilbert, an attendee, was aware of the planned home purchase. However, other board members were not listed as attendees of this meeting.
  • The defendant filed a warranty deed dated Jan 4, 2022. The deed shows the involvement of 405 Marsh Avenue Reno Nevada, which is the address of Joey Gilbert's law firm.
  • Feb 2, 2022 board meeting minutes filed by the plaintiffs (Exhibit 7) make no mention of the home purchase. However, the minutes suggest an amicable relationship between Gold and the AFLDS board: “Chairman Gilbert requested that Dr. Gold continue to be the face of AFLDS in a marketing consulting capacity to AFLDS”.

The plaintiffs filed affidavits from the following people, who were presumably friendly to the plantiffs' faction at the time:

  • Sally Wagenmaker, outside counsel hired by AFLDS.
  • Joseph Gilbert, who was a current board member at the time.
  • Amy Landau, who was a former board member at the time.
  • Amanda 'Mandi' (Kaiser) Johnston, Citizen Corps supervisor. She has publicly promoted Citizen Corps in this Youtube interview. Her supervisor is Jess Abu.
  • Jess Abu or Jessica Abu-Hiljeh, Citizen Corps Director.
  • Paula Jo Lentz, Communications Director. She was the Communications Director until April 13, 2022 when she resigned.
  • Kristine Lutzo, Executive Director. She resigned her position on April 15, 2022. Her affidavit states: “it was clear to me that criminal activity was happening financially, with the budget still showing gold care employees being paid out by AFLDS funds”
  • Lauren Bradford, in-house counsel

The defendants filed affidavits/declarations from the following people:

  • Simone Gold - Exhibit 1
  • Troy Brewer - Exhibit 2 | Certified Public Accountant and head of payroll
  • Lisa Andrezejewski Exhibit 3 | Lisa refers to herself as Executive Director of AFLDS.
  • George Wentz - Exhibit 6 | Wentz is a partner with the Davillier Law Group and represents GoldCare.

Ultimately, the judge dismissed the case because the “Plaintiffs have not met their burden on the citizenship prong to establish this Court’s subject matter jurisdiction”. Many of the court filings can be accessed for free via the RECAP project /

Conflicts with medical freedom doctors/nurses

The Dec 30, 2021 GC meeting notes allude to conflicts with Dr. Stella Emmanuel, Erin of Global Frontline Nurses, and Nicole of American Frontline Nurses.

Arizona court case

Simone Gold countersued in Arizona against the defendants Free Speech Foundation (d/b/a AFLDS) and its directors at the time Joey Gilbert, pastor Jurgen Matthesius, and former sheriff Richard Mack.

In the Arizona court case, the judge's decision criticized both sides for failing their fiduciary duties to AFLDS.

The parties to this dispute all owe fiduciary duties to the company. They all seem to have forgotten that. Instead, the parties have chosen to spend time and resources fighting with each other in Court.5 These parties, however, have an obligation to AFLDS and their donors to spend whatever time and effort is necessary to resolve their differences and begin to operate AFLDS in a responsible manner.

The podcast America Happens has posted legal filings from the Arizona court case.

The case was ultimately dismissed, with the decision denying plaintiffs' motion for injunctive relief and the defendants' application for a preliminary injunction.

ALFDS board appointed an oversight committee

The AFLDS board appointed an oversight committee chaired by Kevin Jenkins. A March 27 2023 Substack post by Reinette Senum links to a report from the oversight committee. Whereas the judge's decision in the Arizona criticizes both factions of the conflict for disregarding their fiduciary duties, the oversight committee's independent report focuses mainly on Simone Gold. The report's discussion of the AFLDS board's role in compliance issues is brief and lacks the rhetoric flair used to attack Simone Gold: “We recognize there are areas in which the Board failed to prepare and maintain compliance and best practices upon taking their positions in early 2022 […]”.

Kevin Jenkins alleges that Sheriff Mack stole $350k

Kevin Jenkins, chair of the AFLDS oversight committee, appeared in a Mar 30 interview with Reinette Senum. He stated that AFLDS filed criminal charges against Richard Mack. The blog post hosting the interview shows withdrawal slips dated Mar 22, 2023. Jenkins appeared again in an April 3 interview to discuss the direction that AFLDS would take. An image posted on Senum's Substack shows that in-house counsel Lauren Bradford signed the victim request form on April 1 alleging embezzlement/theft. Lauren Bradford had previously submitted an affidavit for Simone Gold's side in the Florida court case; now she appears to be working with Kevin Jenkins and the new AFLDS board.

On April 4, Sheriff Mack spoke publicly about the allegations on The Sheriff Mack Show (preamble from Sam Bushman at 21:00, Richard Mack begins at 21:44). He alleged that the board minutes (for the meeting where he was supposedly fired from the board) are fabricated. He also stated that he did not steal the money; rather, he put the money into an AFLDS bank account and was awaiting instructions from a judge on what to do with the money.

Joey Gilbert discusses AFLDS internal strife with Reinette Senum

In an interview published on Senum's Substack, Gilbert provides his side of the story. He said that he did not have a problem with AFLDS paying for first class flights and Simone Gold taking a trip on a private jet. He also mentioned that he went to three different law firms regarding AFLDS paying $1.5M to Simone Gold as seed money for Simone's GoldCare venture; ultimately AFLDS never gave her a lump sum of $1.5M.

Gilbert also discusses his pay raise from $15K/month to $20K/month (36:25 into the interview):

You know how they say people accuse people of exactly what they're doing? So one - I pointed out this to; all of sudden she has an issue with five thousand extra I'm taking a month? She knew I was taking it. She was involved in everything in the backend ok? She knew it and of course if she had a problem with it she would've said something- but somehow, she doesn't say something 'til October? I'm taking it from April on? I'm sitting there with her telling her?

New AFLDS board and March 31, 2023 board minutes

Senum's interview with Gilbert was accompanied by an image of the March 31 board minutes, which noted that the old board stepped down by a 2-1 vote (with Mack dissenting and Gilbert and Matthesius voting for the change). The new AFLDS board consists of Dr. Stephan Guffanti MD, Aaron Lewis PhD, and Dr. Cordie L. Williams DC.

Second Arizona court case (defamation)

An April 4, 2023 tweet describes the court case:

Simone Gold sued the plaintiffs Joey Gilbert, Kevin Jenkins, and Cordie Williams. Cordie Williams became a new AFLDS board member and treasurer after Gilbert and Pastor Jurgen resigned to pass control over to the new board. Cordie Williams has publicly spoken about his new AFLDS position on Instagram.

Simone Gold tweets her side of the story

On Jan 18, Gold released a video statement/interview regarding “an attempted takeover of AFLDS by a rogue attorney” (who was on or is on the AFLDS board). She refers to the $3.6M residential home as “headquarters” that AFLDS purchased for the purposes of 'doing something better with the money' than 'letting the money sit in a bank'.

On Jan 24, Gold retweeted a Gateway Pundit tweet regarding concerning behaviour of AFLDS board members.

On Feb 9, Gold retweeted Frontline Flash's about a press release attacking Wagenmaker & Oberly Law Firm's alleged attempts to dismantle AFLDS.

On Feb 17, Gold alleged that the AFLDS board was attempting to remove her from the organization that she founded.

On Feb 18, she alleged that there was “an orchestrated smear campaign” against her from the AFLDS board “in a hostile takeover attempt”.

On Feb 20, Gold tweeeted about Project Veritas and drew a parallel between James O'Keefe's conflict with the PV board and her own conflict with the AFLDS board. She asked her followers to email Sally Wagenmaker's law firm to support Simone Gold.

On March 5, Gold tweeted to her followers and again asked them to email Wagenmaker Law's info email address.

On April 3, Gold tweeted that “Joey Gilbert has officially resigned from the AFLDS Board of Directors”. Presumably her narrative is that she never resigned from the AFLDS, consistent with her arguments in the Arizona court case (the judge's factual findings stated that Gold left the AFLDS board and is not currently a board member).

Chaos Agents allegations against AFLDS Citizen Corps

Appendix 2 of the Themis Report alleges that AFLDS's Citizen Corps promoted Harry, Gina, and Carolina Bonita's fake events and made no mention of legitimate grassroots events organized by World Wide Demonstration.

Subsequent events

Amanda 'Mandi' Johnston and Jess Abu are two Citizen Corps co-ordinators who swore affidavits for the AFLDS board in the Florida court case. Jess Abu's affidavit alleges daily harassment from Michael 'Mike' Coudrey, a January 6 organizer who was subpoenaed by the Select Committee but did not suffer any pre-trial detention like other political activists involved in January 6 demonstrations. A (purported) screenshot of conversations between Jess Abu and Michael Coudrey posted on Reinette Senum's Substack (Dec 3, 2022) seems to corroborate her affidavit. Weeks later, on Dec 23, Senum posted an interview with Jess Abu as an AFLDS whistleblower.

Beyond The Maze allegations

The April 1, 2023 post AFLDS Controlled Demolition alleges that Citizen Corps Telegram channels were rebranded as “P8riots” (homonym for patriot) groups. A LinkedIn page for Christina Wilson states that she is the national AFLDS Citizen Corps coordinator as well as co-founder of the P8riot Network. While the account for cwilson6 links to, the website is no longer online as of April 7 2023.

The photo on the right is from Christina Wilson’s LinkedIn profile: JM Baldoz of Covid Vaccine Victims (left), Christina Wilson (center), Jess Abu (right).

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