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Carolina Bonita

Carolina Bonita, also known as Carolina Galvan and Patricia Rodriguez, is an American activist. She has organized medical freedom events and is a frequent participant/host in Twitter spaces.


Carolina Bonita has faced allegations that she infiltrates the medical freedom movement so that she can sabotage the movement. A grassroots organization (CCSF / Citizens' Commission to Safeguard Freedom) has authored two reports alleging she is working with a team of others in her efforts to undermine the freedom movement: the Themis Report and the Bonita Report. The report alleges that Carolina tried to join the People's Convoy in a car with a trunk full of guns.

According to Brian Brase, when it was discovered that she was trying to join the People’s Convoy along with the remnants of the GAAP convoy, Carolina was asked to leave. She then snuck back in to Hagerstown. When she was discovered, Brian said that the lead truckers, not trusting the situation at all, brought in the state police. The vehicle she had come into Hagerstown raceway in was searched and it was discovered that the trunk was full of guns. Not a couple, like…to the brim…trunk loaded with arms, in the words of Brian, “armed to the teeth.”

Bonita has responded to the allegations: “Our security team was definitely heavily loaded so we could protect morons like Malone, Korey and all the other idiots who wasted our time.”


  • Michael Kane (Teachers For Choice) has written a blog post on Bonita and OTBA (Operation Take Back America).
  • Defeat the Mandates (event) had tweeted out: “Yes, Carolina tried to hijack the DC Defeat the Mandates rally as well. Stay far, far away.
  • Children's Health Defense has a blog post highlighting the CCSF's Themis report.
  • Louisa Clary's Twitter account @C_Memo2020 states: “Here is what people closest to Malone know..that Carolina is destructive to this movement. Her lies are not welcome.She hijacks everyone's events -steals, runs fake pages for McCullough (on FB) & any physician close to her has walked away. VSRF, FLCCC, CHD, GCS -none support her.” Louisa Clary works for VSRF.
  • Dr. Mary Talley Bowden has detailed her experiences with Carolina Bonita/Galvan on her Telegram channel. She has publicized the Themis and Bonita reports.

Deleted accusations

  • Robert Malone wrote a Substack article stating that “Carolina is one of the ones that tried to blackmail me to go on someone else’s podcast, and if I did she would make all of these attacks go away”. The article has since been edited and no longer mentions Carolina Galvin.
  • Pierre Kory (FLCCC) tweeted: “Warning to all in the health freedom movement. Do not engage or interact with ⁦@carolina_bonita⁩. She is toxic and destructive. This has been known for a while. Fortunately she is incompetent at what she does otherwise it could have been worse.” Note that Kory's tweet has since been deleted.


Dr. Henry Ealy has authored a blog post defending Bonita and attacking the Themis Report. He has also hosted a radio/podcast show titled “Dr. Angie Farella Demolishes The Themis Report”. Note that appendix 2 (page 11) of the Themis Report details alleged connections between Farella and Carolina Bonita.

Paul Alexander has also supported Carolina Bonita: “Carolina Bonita, you go Carolina, this lady is out there fighting the good fight, maligned, smeared, used by the very same people you see out front; I only have praise for her; she is exposing filth”

Ealy, Farella, and Alexander have all been advertised as speakers for the Doctors for Dr. Moore event on May 20, 2023. The poster for that event suggests that Carolina Galvan (Bonita) is organizing the event under the banner.

Carolina's response to the Themis Report

Government PSYops wrote a whole #slander report about me called the Themis something something. Lame!

I wonder who’ll say I hijacked this event as well! God is definitely guiding! This was a very serious event, but so much fun! Although infiltrators sent the slander report about me to Puerto Rico media! Don’t mess with #God’s elected! If you lost a loved one email #MCA on my bio!

Other names

Carolina Bonita's name on Twitter was once “Patricia Carolina Rodriguez de Galvan” (source: capture of Google Cache).

She is also known as Carolina Galvan. For example, her Twitter biography links to where posters list her as Carolina Galvan.

Social media and online presence

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