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Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) is an international non-governmental public health organization based in Seattle, Washington. It was started with a grant from the Ford Foundation.1)





The PATH Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA) works to accelerate the development and introduction of vaccines around the world, in partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.3)


In 2018, the WHO endorsed a typhoid vaccine. PATH worked alongside their partners at the Typhoid Vaccine Acceleration Consortium (TyVAC) to expedite funding and delivery of the vaccine to millions of children in Pakistan, culminating in a mass-vaccination program in 2019.4)


In 2010, PATH delivered MenAfriVac, a meningitis vaccine, to more than 10 million people in Burkina Faso, Africa. The product was developed with the Serum Institute of India and the WHO.5)


PATH has focused primarily on “vaccine equity” and “access” to COVID-19 vaccines, helping launch COVAX. According to their website, their work “spans the full vaccine development to delivery spectrum, including supporting country vaccine readiness; COVAX and other efforts to ensure equitable access to vaccine; vaccine development and manufacturing scale-up; vaccine clinical evaluation; immunization system resiliency; and other efforts.”6)

PATH assisted in preparation of Phase III clinical trial sites for COVID-19 vaccines with funding from the BMGF and CEPI.7)

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