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George Church

Dr. George McDonald Church is an American geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist, and entrepreneur.


In April 2017, Church was included on Time's annual list of 100 most influential people in the world. Stephen Colbert wrote a glowing tribute to him to mark the occasion.1) 2)

Jeffrey Epstein

Church was partly funded from 2005 to 2007 by the nonprofit Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, a private foundation established by Jeffrey Epstein.3) In his 2019 apology for “poor awareness” of Epstein's sex offender status, Church said he had “nerd tunnel vision” and articles on Epstein's crimes were unclear to him, placing responsibility on vetting donors on the development office.4)

On October 30, 2017, Church was awarded the title of Honorary Professor at Zhejiang University.5) After the award ceremony, Church delivered a keynote speech titled “Technologies for Reading & Editing DNA and Medical Applications” at Xinglin Forum, a high-level academic activity hosted by ZJU’s School of Medicine.

On May 1, 2018, Church co-led the second Genome Project-write (GP-write) “Scientific Working Meeting” at the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology, where he reportedly networked with Bryan Bishop and Max Berry.6) 7) In response to the pair's request for advice on their new designer baby startup, Church told them to consult with ethicists.8)


Church is a member of the Rapid Deployment Vaccine Collaborative (RaDVaC), formed in March 2020 to deploy experimental COVID-19 vaccines.9)


Name Position
23andMe Advisor10)
4baseCare Advisor11)
Advancement Initiative for Medicine and Science (AIMS) Board member12)
Alacris Theranostics Founder13)
Alibaba DAMO Academy Advisor14)
AltLabs Scientific Advisor15)
Alveo Technologies Advisor16)
ARCH Venture Partners -
AuraVax Therapeutics Scientific Advisor17)
Betterhumans Scientific Advisor18)
Biogen Researcher (former)19)
BRAIN Initiative Co-initiator
Broad Institute Senior associate member20)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Member of the Board of Sponsors21)
Celestial Therapeutics Scientific Advisor22)
Center for Consequences of Causal Variation Director23)
Center for Genome Engineering and Therapy Director24)
Center on Bioenergy Technology Director
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) Advisor25)
Complete Genomics Advisory board member26)
Consortium for Space Genetics Faculty member27)
CRISPR Journal -
Duke University Researcher
Effective Altruism Global Speaker at EA Global Boston in 201728) 29)
Fidelity -
Flagship Pioneering “Friend”, Founder of many companies funded by Flagship30)
Founders Fund -
Franklin Institute Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science31)
Future of Life Institute External advisor32)
Gen9 Founder. Purchase by Gingko Bioworks33)
GenapSys Advisory board member34)
Genia Advisor35)
Genome Compiler Advisor36)
Genspace Advisor37)
George Church Institute of Regenesis Director38)
Google Ventures -
Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Past speaker39)
Harvard College Effective Altruism Speaker40)
Harvard Medical School Professor
Harvard University Professor
HelixNano Scientific Advisor41)
Human Genome Project (HGP) Co-initiator42)
IBM Advisor43)
Illumina -
INanoBio Advisor44)
In-Q-Tel -
Institute for Protein Innovation -
Intelligent Bio-Systems Advisor45)
Ion Torrent Advisor46)
Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Research funding47)
Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) -
Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellow
Lipper Center for Computational Genetics Director
Longevity Vision Fund -
Lynx Therapeutics Advisor48)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor49)
Mind First Foundation Founder50)
MIT Media Lab Visiting Professor (Ethics), Past Member (Director's Office)51)
Molecular Systems Biology (journal) Editor
Nabsys Scientific Advisor52)
National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member53)
National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Past speaker54)
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Member55)
Nature Publishing Group -
Noblegen Biosciences Advisor56)
Northeast Science Station -
Open Humans -
Personal Genome Project (PGP) Director
Poseida Therapeutics Gene Therapy Scientific Advisory Board Chair57)
Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine -
Regenerative Bio -
Roswell Biotechnologies Advisor58)
Scientific American -
Solexa -
Supercentenarian Research Study Scientific Advisor59)
Tessera Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board Member60)
Thermo Fisher Scientific Advisor
United States Department of Energy Funding
University of California San Francisco Post-doctoral researcher
Winklevoss Capital -
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering Director
XGenomes Advisor61)
Y Combinator -
Zhejiang University Honorary Professor62)
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