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Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an American financial manager based in New York, Florida, and many other locations globally.

He served as a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Sciences, Rockefeller University, the Santa Fe Institute, the Institute for Advanced Study, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University.

Epstein has been described as a transhumanist and a eugenicist.



Dalton School

In 1974, Epstein was hired by Donald Barr to teach math and science at the Dalton School in the Upper East Side of New York City.2)

Bear Stearns

Epstein then went on to work at Bear Stearns until 1981.3)

Wexner Foundation

Epstein was a trustee of the Wexner Foundation from 1992-2007.4) 5)

He served as Chairman and CEO of the Financial Trust Company. He also served as a Trustee of the Institute of International Education starting in October 2001.6)

Relationship with scientists

Many influential scientists met Epstein through New York literary agent John Brockman, who, starting in 1999, hosted an annual “billionaires dinner” where some of his authors mingled with moguls. Epstein attended several of the dinners from 2000 to 2011, and Brockman described him through his Edge Foundation as a “science philanthropist.”7)

In 2000, Epstein founded the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation in order to provide funding to “cutting edge” science worldwide.8) One scientist in particular to receive Epstein's funding was geneticist George Church, from 2005-2007.9) 10) Others highlighted by his profile on Harvard's website include theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, Marvin Minsky, Seth Lloyd and Nobel Laureates Gerard ‘t Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek.11)

Epstein met Eric Lander twice in 2012 in the office of Harvard biologist Martin Nowak.12) As of at least January 2015, Epstein was featured as a “Friend” and “financial founder” of Harvard's Evolutionary Dynamics program on the school's official website.13) 14)

Epstein provided funding for MicroPsi 2 and OpenCog.15)



Epstein reportedly expressed an intention to “seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch,” called Zorro Ranch. According to the New York Times, Epstein used his money and influence to “insinuate himself into an elite scientific community, thus allowing him to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields like cryonics.”16)

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