COVID-19 Pandemic Whistleblowers

Military Health Database

Thomas Renz

Attorney Thomas Renz went on tour promoting a version of the DMED story that was highly inaccurate, reportedly raising money for lawsuits, though it is unclear if the Renz team ever used any of the information in any lawsuits.


Mathew Crawford

Applied statistician Mathew Crawford was asked by Dr. Robert Malone to help the attornies and whistleblowers sort out the data after the DoD claimed the results presented at the Johnson hearing were merely the result of a “glitch”. Crawford's findings indicated that the DoD was likely correct about the presence of a glitch, but that there were still safety signals, though far smaller than the shock numbers presented at the Johnson hearing and often thereafter. Crawford also expressed a belief that there was likely manipulation of the data and the narratives on both sides.

Project Veritas Whistleblowers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Veritas brought forward numerous whistleblowers with a variety of stories.

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