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Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is the Microsoft co-founder and long-time chief executive officer who pursues medical policy at international levels.1)


In an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum in January 2019, Gates boasted that he had achieved “20-to-1” returns through his investments in vaccines.2)


Following Anthony Fauci's announced retirement from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and his other government positions, Gates tweeted: “Tony, you were an amazing public servant long before COVID-19 struck – and now you are a hero to millions of people, including me.”3)



Bill Gates is the son of William Henry Gates II, a law firm founder and head of Planned Parenthood4), and Mary Maxwell Gates, who served on the Board of Directors for BancSystem and the United Way of America.

Bill's materal grandfather, J.W. Maxwell, was a banker, and his father, also named James Willard Maxwell was president of the National Ciuty Bank in Seattle and director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Psychopathic Indications

Controlling Nature

Media Control

Uncontrolled Sexual Appetite

  • May 11, 2021 ZeroHedge: “His womanizing was well known”: Food-'Gates' open as biographer details Microsoft founder's salacious past.
    • Actively recruited strippers for naked pool parties at his mansion.

Associations with Pedophiles

Playing God


Gates was in the 1992-1993 inaugural class of Global Leaders for Tomorrow under the World Economic Forum, alongside Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Lawrence Summers and possibly Vladimir Putin.5)

Population Control

Back in 2009, there was a meeting in New York of billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, Eli Broad, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah, Michael Bloomberg and others. One of the many topics on the agenda was population control.

BMGF Funding of Population Studies

  • July 14, 2020 - Vollets et al: Fertility, mortality, migration, and population scenarios for 195 countries and territories from 2017 to 2100: a forecasting analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study6)


Bill Gates Wants to Create a Dystopia” by Toby Green in Unherd.

There's a real disconnect between what Gates says and writes with regard to the pandemic, and future ones, and what he actually does in terms of how he lives and where he invests.

An interesting article from GMWatch, dating back to 2011, flags up many of the realities that we clearly see emerging today. Although the article focuses mainly on the GM debate, medicine comes up frequently. Here are some key points from the article;

  • Some time ago, the head of WHO's malaria research revealed that the increasing dominance of the Gates Foundation was stifling diversity of views among scientists and that it could seriously impede the policy-making function of the world body. He was dismayed by the foundation's decision-making process: “A closed, internal process, accountable to none other than itself”.
  • The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is an initiative driven by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the oldest and the largest philanthropic repositories, respectively, in the world. The Gates Foundation alone has committed $264.5 million to AGRA. “They are using the pitiable condition of the African people to get a foothold into the continent. Their large philanthropic resources are being utilised to further the interests of business.”
  • The Gates Foundation and its partners have re-invigorated health issues and given them a global profile like never before. Since 1994, the foundation has invested over $13 billion in healthcare alone, representing 60% of its giving to date. In public health, other than the US government, there is no donor as influential as the Gates Foundation. It has emerged as the second largest donor to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This can be seen both ways: donor money has infused life into a nearly bankrupt entity, but it is also causing much consternation.
  • “The very mandate and constitution of the WHO is being undermined,” says KM Gopakumar, legal advisor and senior researcher of the Third World Network in India.
  • “The rapid demise of public sector policy-making in key areas of public health, and the reliance on the Gates family and its staff, is impoverishing debate over public health priorities,” says James Love, director, Knowledge Economy International (KEI), a US-based not-for-profit.
  • A humungous push on vaccines is underway. The Gates Foundation, for example, has allocated $10 billion to this field and describes this as the decade of vaccines.
  • The Gates influence and stranglehold on global institutions and mechanisms in healthcare are quite evident. It doesn't stop here. Numerous proposals for a 'Medical R&D Treaty' as a more egalitarian alternative to the existing one, which links R&D costs to product prices, has been systematically snuffed out.

Gene Drive Technology

COVID-19 Pandemic

Climate Change

Agriculture Technology

In addition to becoming the largest farmland owner in the United States, Gates invests in a variety of agricultural technologies.


Gates enrolled at Harvard University in the fall of 1973. Dropping out in 1975, Gates completed no more than 2 years of higher education.

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