Most clinical trials for COVID-19 are based in higher-income country acute care hospitals (COVID-19 Trial Tracker). Many of these trials exclude marginalized populations, such as people with severe malnutrition, people living with HIV (PLHIV) and people with active or latent tuberculosis (TB).

The goal of the TOGETHER trial is to determine the effectiveness and safety of the initial treatments of high-risk adults within 48 hours of being diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection, who are not requiring hospitalization. This trial uses a novel adaptive platform design.

This trial is based in Brazil and South Africa and will focus on four treatment arms against a placebo arm.

Concurrent with all sites, we will work together to generate comparative data. Data from the trial will be regularly reviewed so that any effective treatment can be identified quickly and made available to all patients. The TOGETHER Trial team will constantly review information on new drugs and include promising ones in the trial.

This trial is supported with seed funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

All study documents, including the participant information sheet and consent form, can be downloaded from the For Staff area of the site. The study protocol can be downloaded here.1)

TOGETHER Trial Problems

Whoops! The TOGETHER Trial actually showed that ivermectin worked.

Even the author admitted it. The media and medical establishment did not read the study carefully. They seize on anything that supports the narrative and fail to look at the study critically. Steve Kirsch - Apr 3, 2022 - Substack

I just got off the phone with Pierre Kory. He just got back into the country and on Monday, April 4, he will be writing an article on his Substack on the ivermectin arm of the Together Trial. Let’s just say Pierre is not a happy camper. I haven’t seen him this upset ever.

Here is what Peter McCullough wrote: “Dose too small and for too few days too late in course of illness. Despite all of these deficiencies, this small underpowered trial still showed a signal of benefit and presumed acceptable safety. Another paper supporting our use of IVM.”

I agree. Here’s my take on this. Ivermectin works and this study didn’t prove otherwise

The most important thing is this: The evidence, including this study, consistently shows that ivermectin works against COVID. In one group, as I will explain below (and I’m sure Pierre will explain in more detail), there was a 50% reduction in hospitalization. That’s big.

However, the media (including Alex Berenson) don’t want to look like they were wrong so they simply misinterpret the study results and hope you won’t read the study yourself. What the study actually showed

Disease, timing, dose, duration, and statistical power are all important to talk about whenever you talk about the results of any drug trial. There are other secondary factors regarding gaming, tampering, quality control, etc. that are important and are always overlooked. Let’s just address the biggest factors.

What the study showed is this 2)

TOGETHER Trial - Index of Articles & Podcasts

by Alexandros Marinos - May 19, 2022 Substack

I’ve written and said a lot about the TOGETHER trial, in an effort to share the knowledge I’ve been gathering. This page contains links to articles & podcasts I have made, in this Substack and elsewhere.

Before we dive in, if you’re looking for a good starting point, this is probably it:

10 Questions for the TOGETHER Trial Investigators

If not, here’s the rest-

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  • TOGETHER Seriously Underdosed its Ivermectin High-BMI Patients & How You Can Help Me
  • The TOGETHER Trial Can't Make Up Its Mind About Time-Since-Symptom-Onset
  • The TOGETHER Study on Fluvoxamine Was Not Free of Errors, Either
  • Coming Soon?
  • Podcasts & Other Audio/Video
  • DarkHorse Podcast: Cold Confusion: Alexandros Marinos Unpacks the TOGETHER Trial
  • Listen Now: TOGETHER Trial Deep Dive (Audio & Transcript)
  • Alexandros Marinos - The Digger Episode 5
  • A Deeper Dive into the TOGETHER Trial : FLCCC Weekly Webinar (April 20, 2022) 3)

TOGETHER Trial Missing Arms

The TOGETHER Trial's Missing Arms: Doxazosin, and Low-Dose Ivermectin Alexandros Marinos - Substack September 18, 2022

Andrew Hill, in his paper titled “Ivermectin for COVID-19: Addressing Potential Bias and Medical Fraud“, concludes that clinical trials must urgently up their game:

With cases of potential medical fraud now identified, it is essential that access to patient-level databases be provided. If authors fail to provide these data, the study should be considered with a higher index of suspicion. Additionally, it should be mandatory that all registered trials report their findings. We understand that these are substantial changes to established procedures. However, the failure to recognize the potentially fraudulent studies, which led to multiple meta-analyses suggesting significant benefits of ivermectin for COVID-19, indicates that the tools currently used to evaluate the quality of clinical trials are insufficient. These events warrant our stringent recommendations.

Taking his warnings seriously, I thought perhaps the best place to start would be the winner of the “Trial of the Year,” as awarded by the Society for Clinical Trials. I’m talking about none other than the TOGETHER Trial4)