The Education Wars

The Education Wars is a series of articles at Rounding the Earth, written by edutech entrepreneur Mathew Crawford.

Economics and Education

Overcoming the Poverty Trap

Liberty and Education

Education as Indoctrination and Mind Control


Meditate comes from the Latin meditari, defined by thinking, contemplation, thought, idea, planning, devising, preparation, intention, exercise, practice, study, rehearsal, custom, and habit.

Learning Challenges

Schooling, Homeschooling, and Unschooling

Effective Education

Education and The Matrix


MetaPrep is Mathew Crawford's community-oriented education project. The MetaPrep Locals Community is public interface.

University Education

Plandemonium and Education

Math Lessons

Great Educators

Great educators are both effective and wise. These are some of the educators who influenced Mathew Crawford.

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