The Bitcoin Wars

The Bitcoin Wars is a series focused primarily around Bitcoin, but also other digital currencies and their effects on the world, written by Mathew Crawford at Rounding the Earth. He is now keeping track of interesting Bitcoin history and information in his Bitcoin graph.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Adoption


Lessons for Beginners

Intermediate Lessons


Bitcoin may be the most important development in digital ledger technology, but there are other cryptocurrencies, which are digital units swapped around digital ledger systems.

Alt Coins

The term “alt coin” refers to cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin itself.


Non-Fungible Tokens

Investment and Trading

Education and Outreach

Monetary Policy


Government, Politics, Bitcoin, and Blockchain

Practical Effects of Bitcoin on the World



Smart Contracts

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Major FinTech Scams and Other Events

Cryptocurrency Trading

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