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Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas, Esq. is an American human rights attorney.1) Her work is focused on preserving basic freedoms while combatting child slavery and medical tyranny. She is the founder of Freedom Fighter Nation, Advocates for Citizens’ Rights and Advocates for Physicians' Rights.2) 3) 4)


Leigh Dundas may also be Leigh Combs.5) 6) This alias seems to fit court case records.

  • Leigh Combs was an attorney in a suit in Oregon involving a California-based agrochemical company Amvac Chemical Corp in 1996.7)
  • Leigh Taylor Combs was an attorney in a suit in California in 1998.8)


Dundas' early career involved representing Fortune 500 companies in “high-dollar courtroom battles” in the 1990s.

Sex Trafficking Law

Dundas claims to have spent time in Southeast Asia combatting sex traffickers recently until March, 2020.9) There seems to be no evidence for this claim.

Medical Rights

At some point Dundas began representing Advocates for Physicians' Rights, a nonprofit organization that seems to have been put together to fight a single vaccine bill in California. On September 5, 2019, Dundas “held a press conference on the Capitol steps in Sacramento, California to request a full-scale investigation into the conspiracy between California Public Health officers and the Medical Board to release un-redacted and protected student medical records.”10) The issue at hand was the California vaccine exemptions bill SB276, which was passed on September 9, 2019, and requires that records be created for childhood vaccination and removed nearly all exemptions aside from a statement by a licensed physician, approved by a governing authority.11)


Dundas is reportedly a Scientologist who has surpassed numerous levels of audit.12)

COVID-19 Pandemic

Dundas began making dramatic videos warning about both U.S. public health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the World Health Organization in April, 2020.

Dundas was accused of doxxing Orange County, California county health officer Nichole Quick, giving out the name of her boyfriend and address.13)

America's Frontline Doctors

Dundas has worked with America's Frontline Doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 6, 2021 Election Protest

Dundas took part in the protests at the Capitol. On January 5, she controversially told Donald Trump supporters that they were, “Well within our rights to…take em out back and shoot em or hang em.”14)

People's Convoy

Dundas was on tour with the People's Convoy (trucker convoy), speaking at every stop early on telling dramatic tales of her time spent combatting sex traffickers. She hosted the rally in San Bernardino County, California that kicked off the tour.15)

She frequently gave interviews in which she essentially spoke for or about the convoy as a representative. However, the People's Convoy cut ties with her abruptly.16) Some people speculate that her comments at the Election protest at the Capitol were the reason for the split, though no reason was given by the convoy. According to CEO Patrick Byrne, she was “set aside in some manner”.17) Michael Kane said that he reached out to Dundas who said that she left, “for family reasons”.18)

Convoy Interviews

Senator Johnson Hearing January 2022

Dundas spoke alongside Thomas Renz at the Johnson hearing.19)

Lightning Rod for Critique by Leftist Media

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