Julie Emili

Dr. Julie Emili is a Canadian family physician based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Career and Affiliations

City of Hamilton

Emili is an associate medical officer of Health (AMOH) for the City of Hamilton.

McMaster University

Emili is the Program Director of the Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency Program at McMaster University.1)

Public Health Agency of Canada

Emili is a liaison representative for the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) on the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), responsible for approving COVID-19 vaccines in Canada.2)

Ontario Medical Association

Emili is a member of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), which receives funding from Pfizer.3) 4)


In 2002, Emili received funding for a tuberculosis study from Burroughs-Wellcome and the Rockefeller Foundation.5)

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