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Etleva Kadilli

Etleva Kadilli is Director of UNICEF’s Supply Division, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is an alternate member of the board of directors for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.1)



Kadilli has overseen UNICEF's strategic procurement and logistics response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes accelerated access to COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as other supplies such as syringes, personal protective equipment (PPE), cold chain equipment, and oxygen.2) She represents UNICEF in a number of global forums, including the COVAX Facility governance team where see oversees UNICEF’s role as procurement coordinator and lead agency for COVAX supply and logistics.

On February 25, 2021, Kadilli authored an article with Margi Van Gogh for the World Economic Forum calling on “logistics firms with an international and local footprint to be part of the global collective vaccine distribution effort.”3)

In June 2021, Kadilli participated in an event titled “The Evolution of the Procurement System: Global Trends and Technologies” hosted by the Roscongress Foundation.4)


Kadilli sits on the Board of ATScale, the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology.

She has participated in the H20 Summit.5)

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