COVID-19 Vaccine Research and Development

This is a summary page for research and development related to any and all COVID-19 vaccines.

The various vaccines targeting SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 have undergone historically rapid development, both in the United States and in other nations. The U.S. federal government's program for rapid COVID-19 vaccine development was dubbed Operation Warp Speed.

History of Coronavirus Vaccine R&D

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, no vaccine of any type had proved safe and effective in combatting coronaviruses.

COVID Vaccine Trials and Other Studies

Many trial reports and studies on the effects of COVID-19 vaccines have been released, though many are controversial due to lack of release of raw data and methodologies used.

Vaccine Trials

Retrospective Analyses of Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines


The Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency documents include information that vaccine manufacturers wanted to keep quiet for 55 years:

Location Studies

Prison Studies

Prison studies seem to find little measurable efficacy among the vaccines, and what little there is may be attributable to various forms of bias such as survivor bias or selection bias.

Citizen Science

  • The Control Group Cooperative LTD is a citizen-funded cooperative formed for the purpose of collecting the health data of the voluntarily vaccine free as the control group to those vaccinated for COVID-19.1)