The Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)

The Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) are a UK based organisation. CEO Imran Ahmed graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA in Social and Political Sciences. He did the obligatory stint in investment banking with Merrill Lynch, as a strategy adviser, before becoming a political aid to Labour Peer Hillary Benn. In 2016 he supported Labour MP Angela Eagle in her failed leadership bid before establishing the CCDH (as Brixton Endeavours) in 2017.

Talking about the need for the Online Harms Act, with regard to the people he labels as anti-vaxxers, he said - “It’s not just hatred……..There is no excuse for delay. The government must urgently table the online harms bill to put an end to vile hatred and dangerous medical misinformation online.”

Their most recent report, called The Anti-Vaxx Industry, is a propaganda leaflet with two main objectives. The first is to create a false dichotomy in the public imagination and the second is to build a public-private censorship grid in anticipation of forthcoming government legislation. This is proposed to censor legitimate scientific opinion and evidence based debate on a wide range of issues the government and its corporate partners would rather silence. Including any questioning of vaccines.

In the UK we were due to get our first clear sight of the legislative censorship grid with the arrival of the Online Harms Bill.

The Online Harms Reduction Regulator (Report) Bill sets forth the envisaged role of the regulator who will be empowered to police the Internet, if and when the Online Harms Act comes into force. OFCOM have been selected as the regulator of online service operators which the proposed legislation defines as any Internet service or platform enabling human beings to communicate or exchange ideas. This includes web hosts, because they host websites which have comment sections and forums.

The scope of the proposed censorship grid is limitless. OFCOM will have a the power to regulate, “any other harms that OFCOM deem appropriate.”

In the meantime, the CCDH are part of the network of so called fact checkers and censors who are using their incredible and seemingly disproportionate influence, suddenly garnered from nowhere, to police opinion on the social media platforms. We will explore how this occurred in more detail in Part 2.

The White Paper, which the Act will be based upon, clearly identifies any and all criticism of vaccines as a target for the censorship network:

“Inaccurate information, regardless of intent, can be harmful – for example the spread of inaccurate anti-vaccination messaging online poses a risk to public health. The government is particularly worried about disinformation……Disinformation threatens these values and principles, and can threaten public safety, undermine national security, fracture community cohesion and reduce trust”

Like the government, the CCDH are careful not to mention any of the scientific or historical evidence which questions vaccine efficacy and safety. Instead, they label all who do cite this evidence as radical extremists.

The opening statement in the CCDH’s vaccine propaganda claims-

“Vaccines are one of the most consequential, safe, efficient and effective medical discoveries in history. Few other inventions have saved so many lives.”

The pharmaceutical industry’s U.S. social media ad-spend is projected to exceed $4 Bn in 2020. In the U.S. alone, they invest more than $30 Bn annually on MSM advertising and devote more resources to political lobbying than any other industry.1)

CCDH Staff & Influence

The CCDH are a small organisation, employing no more than two people, who have been given disproportionate power and influence. They appear to comprise of one CEO, one b-list celebrity (as patron) and six board members. They state on their website that their small budget is funded by unnamed philanthropic trusts and members of the public.

The CCDH links to the parliamentary Labour Party are considerable. They appear to benefit from a revolving door between them and the UK parliament. Recently, former CCDH board member and founder Morgan McSweeney left to become Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s Chief of Staff.

Keir Starmer is the only parliamentarian who is also a serving member of the Trilateral Commission. Founded in 1973 by oil and banking tycoon David Rockefeller and political king maker Zbigniew Brzezinski, who devised Operation Cyclone to financially support, arm and equip Islamist extremists, it brings together world political leaders with global investors and bankers, academics and policy advisers. The Trilateral commission is a powerful and influential globalist policy think tank whose stated aim is to build -“[An] international system to navigate successfully the major challenges of the coming years.”

The CCDH’s association with people like London Mayor Sadique Khan, McSweeney and Starmer, afford representatives like Ahmed the kind of political clout he needs to meet with Twitter bosses and have people banned from their platform.


Incorporated as Brixton Endeavours Ltd in 2018, the CCDH re-registered their name in August 2019. As a so called Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), despite an extensive web of connections to government and policy makers, under section 477 of the 2006 Companies Act, the CCDH are exempt from audit and can thus keep their finances largely secret. Financial transparency is not a requirement for UK registered NGO’s.

The CCDH’s Stop Funding Fake News campaign, encourages advertisers to avoid placing ads on websites the CCDH don’t like. Their successful campaign apparently influenced Twitter to ban the website Zero Hedge. At least the CCDH are happy to give that impression.

Among their other campaigns, Stop Hate for Profit specifically targets Facebook advertisers. Again the objective is to silence any and all who the CCDH don’t agree with.

The CCDH report that Twitter banned Zero Hedge for the doxxing (revealing personal contact details) of a Chinese research scientist. The offending article does report Dr. Zhou’s office contact email and work phone number, which were publicly available on the Wuhan Institute of Virology website at the time. Zero Hedge didn’t reveal anything at all, they simply reported information already in the public domain.

While failing to correct this erroneous charge of doxxing, the CCDH were spinning fake news of their own. 2)