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Tagline: Fighting for Freedom. Defending human and civil rights secured by the law.

From “About” section of website: “The Gavel Project is a legal organization that exists to fight unethical government and employer mandates and protect the freedom of Americans, especially children. The Gavel Project directly challenges the proponents of “woke” culture in courts across the country, and it will do so aggressively. Speaking out against nonsense is no longer enough. It is time for action, it's time to fight back.

The primary goal of this endeavor is to stop the child abuse being carried out by politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, school board members and administrators across the country. The organization will tirelessly fight these institutions and the corrupt individuals running them. The Gavel Project's goal is to punish such individuals by suing them, personally, for their coercive attempts to inject others (especially children) with experimental drugs (without any long-term safety studies) in the name of the “greater good.””

Ryan Heath, CEO and Founding Partner of The Gavel Project

Ryan is a licensed Arizona Attorney with a background in criminal defense, workers compensation defense, and other general liability issues. Prior to his law career, he had extensive experience in sales, customer service, and good old manual labor. Ryan has a gift for creative problem solving and leadership. He is involved in his community and enjoys spending his time giving back to charity. He is a devoted husband and father, and passionate about the Constitution and the freedoms it protects.

Universities and the Covid Money Trail

Heath asserts the “medical experts” and institutions supporting them have a financial interest in promoting a false narrative regarding COVID-19 as he asserts in this article.

The Gavel Project Files Amicus Brief in the Sixth Circuit

On Monday, November 8, 2021, TGP President Ryan Heath filed the attached Amicus Curiae Brief with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Petitioner, The Daily Wire. The goal of this filing is set a precedent protecting children (as citizens with the same First Amendment, free speech, rights as business citizens) from forcible vaccination based on questionable evidence of safety, efficacy, and necessity. Source:

Appearance on Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Zoom

Heath was featured on the December 29, 2022 on the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) weekly Zoom, hosted by Steve Kirsch.


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