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Sweden plays an important role in the COVID pandemic response as it is one of the only countries that did not impose any hard lockdowns on its population.

It therefore provides a real example of what would happen if a country did not succumb to mass hysteria and fearmongering.

During the first COVID wave, Sweden experienced a relatively high level of deaths compared to its population. Nothing excessive, but it still ranked in the top 15 countries of death per capita. However be the end of the 3rd wave, Sweden ranked amongst the lowest countries of total deaths per capita in the world.

Their strategy worked, yet their approach was not studied more seriously.

It was convenient during the first COVID wave for the propaganda media to use the relatively large amounts of death in Sweden to stoke fear in other countries, however, when the Swedish numbers kept improving over time, and more and more countries surpassed Sweden in deaths per capita, the media quickly moved their attention elsewhere.

For this reason it is important to get the facts right concerning the Swedish approach, as it may provide us with the best template to adopt in future pandemics.

NOTE: Some people believe Sweden resorted to hard lock downs to curb the number of deaths. This is false. Sweden never resorted to hard lock downs.


Sweden never experienced any hard lock downs like other countries. The strongest measures were only “restrictions” of up to 8 people in public places between the 24th of November 2020 and the 1st of June 2021.

Restaurants and cafes were allowed to accept as many people as they liked, as long as each table was restricted to 4 people.

Other restrictions on the sale of alcohol after 8pm, were also introduced.

Night clubs were considered “public” places and therefore fell into the “8 people” restriction category.

It is also worth noting that masks were never mandated as the Swedish government built a strong case against them at the start of the pandemic. It would have looked foolish for them to reverse their position.

At no time during the pandemic where the Swedes forced to self-isolate at home. They were free to travel within their country and meet up with friends and family at restaurants, cafes and in their own homes.


  • It is hard to understand why they moved to a vaccination campaign after they achieved herd immunity.

The links below are important. Especially the spreadsheet that provides a thorough and detailed chronological account of all the policies and measures that were put in place.