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Saad Omer

Dr. Saad B. Omer is a Professor of Global Health, Epidemiology & Pediatrics at Emory University, Schools of Public Health and Medicine. He is also a faculty member at the Emory Vaccine Center.

He has conducted multiple studies – including vaccine trials – in Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, and the United States. Dr. Omer’s research portfolio includes clinical and field trials to estimate efficacy and/or immunogenicity of influenza, polio, measles and pneumococcal vaccines; studies on the impact of spatial clustering of vaccine refusers; and clinical trials to evaluate drug regimens to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Africa.

He has conducted several studies to evaluate the roles of schools, parents, health care providers, and state-level legislation in relation to immunization coverage and disease incidence. Dr. Omer has published widely in peer reviewed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, the Lancet, British Medical Journal, Pediatrics, American Journal of Public Health, and American Journal of Epidemiology.

In 2009, Dr Omer was awarded the Maurice Hilleman award in vaccinology by the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases on his work on impact of maternal influenza immunization on respiratory illness in infants younger than 6 months- for whom there is no vaccine. He is currently a member of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Education & Training

  • PhD - Global Disease Epidemiology and Control Program - Department of International Health; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
  • MPH - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
  • MBBS -The Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Panels & Working Groups (Current)
  • Pan American Health Organization, Maternal Immunization Working Group (PAHO MIG). 2015 -present
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC). Member 2014-present

Co-Chair of the NVAC Maternal Immunization Working Group. 2014-present

Public Health Committee, Infectious Diseases Society of America. 2014-present ​“Council of 100”, Vaccine. Established by the journal Vaccine. 2012-present

  • Honors & Awards
  • Millipub Club Award – 2015: Recognizes individuals who have published one or more papers that have each garnered more than 1000 citations. Awarded for 3 papers.
  • Bruce Squires Award -2014. Presented annually to the authors of a research article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that “promotes high standards of reporting and evidence- based medicine.”
  • Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America -2014. Recognizes individuals who have achieved professional excellence and provided significant service to the profession.
  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Young Investigator Award -2013: Presented by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society for independent and productive research that represents outstanding contributions in pediatric infectious diseases.
  • Maurice R. Hilleman Early-stage Career Investigator Award -2009: Presented by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. The award recognizes individuals in the field of vaccinology based on a specific research contribution and their overall career trajectory.
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America Program Choice Award -2009: Presented by the Infectious Diseases Society based on the recommendation of the IDSA program choice committee
  • Global Health Institute, Faculty Distinction Fund Award -2008: Presented by Emory University’s Global Health Institute 1)
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