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Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services is the public health authority for the Province of Alberta. It is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and reports to the Alberta Ministry of Health.1)

AHS Scientific Advisory Group

The COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group was created to provide recommendations to support policy and operational decision-making to the AHS Emergency Coordination Centre related to COVID-19.2)

The group reports to the Operations Section Chief at the Emergency Coordination Centre. It answers questions “related to any aspect of COVID-19 including risk for transmission, personal protective equipment, strategies for isolation, treatment strategies, and management of patients in hospitals.”


Additional contributors:

  • Jamie Boyd
  • Uma Chandran
  • Devika Dixit
  • Rachael Erdmann
  • Mark Gillrie
  • Grant Innes
  • Joycelyn Jaca
  • Marcia Johnson
  • Scott Klarenbach
  • David Kleinman
  • Oscar Larios
  • Jensen Lau
  • Nicole Loroff
  • Frank McMaster
  • Tania Pannu
  • Tristan Pidner
  • Melissa Potestio
  • Rosana Salvaterra
  • Heather Sharpe
  • Cynthia Wu


  • AHS Provincial VTE Prophylaxis Accreditation Working Group

Other ad hoc external reviewers are added for each review based on the context of the evidence synthesis requests.


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