Medtronic is a member organization of the World Economic Forum.1)

Payments from Medtronic

The following is a developing list of individuals and organizations that Medtronic has given money to related to the COVID-19 pandemic. People and groups included on this list are relevant due to positions of authority or influence in the crisis, and are of note in considering how Medtronic may have manipulated the COVID-19 response through a payment network. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an accusation of wrongdoing without substantiating evidence.

Name Type Amount Description
Janet van Vlymen Research Grant $148,235.00 APSF/Medtronic Research Award2)
Medtronic. World Economic Forum. Retrieved January 8, 2022, from
Howard, S. K. (2017). 2017 APSF Grant Recipients. Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation.
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