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There are a number of restrictions in the state of Hawaii.

To enter the state of Hawaii (as of 1/12/22), there is a mandatory 5-day quarantine unless travelers present a vaccine card or negative covid test within 72 hours of travel. Ideally, Hawaii wants travelers to create an account and upload the information to the “Safe Travels” website: After completing the process online, you are presented with a QR code. Check in online but arrive at the check in gate and present the QR code to get a wristband so as to avoid a potentially longer line quarantine exemption line at HNL airport.

This site maintains up-to-date rules:

To dine in restaurants, go to movies, etc. in Honolulu (city and county) and Maui, one must present a vaccine card or a negative covid test within 48 hours of testing (even if eating outside). Restaurants typically require a PCR test, and it must be taken within 48 hours. At home antigen tests are not typically accepted even though there have been articles written to the contrary.

Anti-Mandate Organizations

The large majority of voters in Hawaii are Democrats. The Joe Biden/Kamala Harris 2020 race received 63.7% of the vote. Nonetheless, there are some groups that oppose the Democratic policies.

Aloha Freedom Coalition

The Aloha Freedom Coalition tagline is “Maintain Freedoms, Preserve Aloha, and Protect Ohana (Family).” This is the website:


There are many places to worship in Hawaii. While every church has a vast array of people, many are tolerant of more conservative beliefs. One such church is The Ranch Church:

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