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Federated Social media

The “Fediverse” is an inter-connected network of platforms that allow users on different platforms to interact. Each instance has its own users, who are able to like, reply or otherwise engage with content on other federated platforms. Individual instances can be single-user or large enough to host thousands of users.


Federated social media is advantageous for avoiding censorship. No single instance has control over moderation decisions for the network. Instances may defederate with instances they no longer wish to engage with but the content on all sides is still publicly accessible. Despite fragmentation among the larger instances, new instances are often quite good at accessing most of the fediverse.



Mastodon is a twitter clone.



Misskey is another twitter-like instance


Pixelfed is an Instagram clone.


PeerTube is a YouTube clone.


Soapbox is a federated social media platform that provides a approachable front-end (UI) and can be run alongside Mastodon or Pleroma.


A decentralized chat protocol

Relevant presences

Goverments on the Fediverse

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