Elaine Harrow

Career and Affiliations

National Semiconductor (1997-2001)

Harrow served as Head of HR for National Semiconductor from 1997-2001.1)

Directions HR Consultancy (2002-2013)

Harrow ran Directions HR, a consultancy and interim management business for ten years.

National Health Service Scotland (2008-2011)

Harrow previously worked extensively with the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland in senior roles.2) 3)

Guidelines International Network (2012-present)

Harrow is the CEO of the Guidelines International Network, having been at the helm of the organisation since 2012.4)

During this time she has overseen the strategic development and professionalisation of the business management, as well as the growth of the role of the secretariat in supporting the Board.

She participated as a speaker at the 10th Annual G-I-N Conference in 2013.5)


Harrow is a member of the Program Steering Committee for the International Guideline Development Credentialing & Certification Program (INGUIDE).6)

Global Evidence Summit

Harrow is on the Global Organising Committee (GOC) of the Global Evidence Summit.7)

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