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Denis Rancourt


Dennis Rancourt is a Canadian physicist and public policy critic. Rancourt is a volunteer researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.

He has participated in the Doctors for Covid Ethics symposiums. He can be found on Twitter as @denisrancourt.

Denis Rancourt's Personal site includes all his research and interviews1) categorized by topic or media type.

Some relevant topics topics include:

University of Ottawa

Rancourt was dismissed from his position as a Physics Professor at the University of Ottawa in 2008 when a department head disagreed with his generous grades of undergraduate students.

COVID-19 Pandemic Research

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rancourt has been one of the scientists willing to publish information that disagrees with the narrative.

In January 2023, Rancourt appeared on Children's Health Defense's Defender Show with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., discussing all-cause mortality.2)

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