COVID-19 Vaccine Whistleblowers

Numerous whistleblowers have come forward since the start of the worldwide experimental COVID-19 vaccine campaign, for a variety of reasons.

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Vaccine Trial Whistleblowers

Ventavia Whistleblower

DoD/DMED Whistleblowers

During the March to End Mandates, attorney Thomas Renz presented testimony at a meeting headed by Senator Ron Johnson, presenting observations from a leaked Department of Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).2) Among other observations,

  • Miscarriage rates were up ~300% in DMED
  • Cancer rates were up ~300% in DMED
  • Neurological issues were up ~1000% in DMED
  • There is substantial overlap between the health issues that increased and those that are known adverse events of COVID-19 vaccines.3)
  • The datase base can be found at the Renz Law website.

On January 31, Politifact published a fact check claiming the DMED results were false after citing an unnamed “military spokesperson” with no explanation provided.4)

On February 1, Senator Johnson sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin highlighting the increase in adverse events in the DMED database.5)

The Pentagon responded to the presentation of the increases in health problems shown by the data by stating that a giant glitch caused the 2016 through 2020 data to which the 2021 data was compared to be incorrect and undercounted.6) Steve Kirsch notes how odd it is that the DoD and CDC just now noticed a massive data problem, and that there is a complete mainstream media blackout on the story.7)

Vaccine Manufacturing Whistleblowers

An anonymous whistleblower claiming to be a process development engineer declares without evidence that additional mRNA coding and other materials are added to the vaccines in order to induce sterility as a recessive effect.8) As of mid-March, 2022, there is currently no confirmatory evidence of the claim.

Health Care Workers Speaking Out

Deborah Conrad

Physician assistant Deborah Conrad was fired after speaking out on The Highwire. She was told this was due to patient complaints after she had never received such complaints during a 15 year career. One complaint was over reporting a legally required VAERS report regarding the patients adverse reactions. The second was from a visitor offended by Conrad's talking about a vaccine VAERS report requested by a patient.9)

Australian Medical Whistleblowers

Australian Medical Whistleblowers Speak Out About Horrific Reactions Right After Vaccines

Design or Manufacturing Risks

Graph Oxide: Fact or Fiction

Several seemingly independent researchers have suggested that some vials of vaccine contain graphene oxide or some similar graphene chemical variation.

  • Mar 20 - Investigation of metallic contaminations found in vector- and mRNA-based COVID-19-”vaccines”: Preliminary Results10)

Nanotech: Fact or Fiction

A researcher in New Zealand claims to have photographed what some observers believe to be nonatechnology present in a vial of Pfizer's quasi-vaccine.11)

Andrew Huff Statement

In late October 2021. I came forward as a material witness and whistle blower related to numerous unethical and criminal behaviors that took place at EcoHealth Alliance, the organization that established the relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and funded the development of SARS-COV2, more commonly known as COVID-19.

  • EcoHealth Alliance engaged in fraud against the US government (Timecard fraud, and contract reimbursement fraud). After I identified and learned about these serious issues, I brought them to the attention of Dr. Peter Daszak, Dr. Aleksei Chamura, and CFO Harvey Kasdan, After raising these issues at the meeting, Harvey Kasdan went home from work, had a heart attack, and died.
  • Dr. Peter Daszak disclosed to me in late 2015 and early 2016 that he was working with the CIA. I also have documents in my possession, and which have been posted to Twitter and shared with several journalists that prove EcoHealth Alliance was working with the intelligence community. These documents include the InTel pitch deck authored and presented by Dr. Daszak, and the IARPA report that I wrote.
  • The executive team openly discussed the gain of function work and research in China where I was opposed to it for numerous obvious reasons (mainly training the CCP in bioweapons and intellectual property theft).
  • EcoHealth Alliance, and foreign laboratories, did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management in place, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In fact, I raised these concerns at an executive project planning meeting, where Dr. Daszak quickly dismissed my concerns. This information is also validated by cables between the US Consulate in China and the State Department. Although, this is not limited to China.
  • EcoHealth Alliance was working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and gain of function work with Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina before NIH NIAID and Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the work there. I have released the documents that prove this claim on Twitter and to the press.
  • EcoHealth Alliance, as do most of the best scientists in the world, work before of receipt of the funding to complete the work. This is commonplace throughout academia, and this is how the best scientists collect the necessary “preliminary data” to obtain funding on highly competitive grants. Often, the first year of work is mostly or completely completed, before the funding is awarded. At EcoHealth Alliance we always worked ahead of the work. This is an important fact because the DEFUSE grant proposal sent to DARPA by EcoHealth Alliance specifically describes the gain of function work that would lead to an accidental or intentional release of SARS-COV2, by the Chinese, beginning in September of 2019. Suggesting, that there is a high likelihood that the work in the DARPA DEFUSE proposal written and submitted by EcolJealth Alliance was well underway before an award determination by DARPA was made.
  • Dr. Peter Daszak could be a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government. This is based on my observations of his behavior and the nature of statements related to working with the Chinese (did not see risks, concerns, or other obvious problems) related to conducting gain of function work or other high risk laboratory work, in China. Which is completely absurd given what a CEO's duties and responsibilities are to the board of directors, the company, and its employees.

I look forward to testifying under oath to these unfortunate factual statements and I am at your service.


Andrew Huff. PhD. MS

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1)|Dec 2, 2021 | Brook Jackson Interview | Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Cover Up Calling Vaccine Data Into Question
March 16, 2022 | Dr. James Hill | Covid vaccines encode not only viral spike protein but also two mutated genes to virilize girls, cause ovarian failure and cancer: purported Moderna engineers
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