COVID-19 Vaccine Data Discrepancies

COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage Data Discrepancies

This page is dedicated to tracking and explaining the evidence for discrepancies in the reported COVID-19 vaccine population coverage data around the world.


Many countries and states may be “fudging” numbers to help them push a certain narrative.

For example, when reporting on the percentage of the population that is vaccinated, they tend to over inflate the number to make it look like everyone is getting vaccinated, in order to engineer herd mentality.

For example, this is how they can fudge the percentage:

  • True total population includes every human being for all age groups: 100K
  • Vaccinated population: 30K (Is it one jab, two jabs, how do we define vaccinated?)
  • Population that are “eligible” to be vaccinated: 35K

Percent of the population that is vaccinated: 86% ( = 30/35)

The real question is? How do they define “eligible”?

NOTE: They exclude some age groups. Exclude some professions. Exclude some classes of people. Etc.. the list goes on and one. They do whatever they like to make the numbers work for them.

Another area where numbers are easily fudged is calculating the number of “active cases”. There is no set formula so they will choose whatever suits their purposes.


The Canadian government states that as of December 13, 2021 86% of the population has been fully vaccinated 1). Since the implementation of the vaccine passports required for entry to certain businesses (ex. restaurants), the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has reported that between 62% and 85% of businesses impacted by the vaccine passport policies have lost revenue as a direct result of the new regulation. If only such a small portion of the Canadian population is not vaccinated how have these businesses been affected to this extent? While there are likely many possible explanations, one explanation is that there are much less people vaccinated than what is being reported.


United States

An Article from Bloomberg indicates that the CDC has significantly underestimated the number of people fully vaccinated in the USA 3). The Article states: “CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot, or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.”

Igor Chudov further analyses this information in a post from his Substack 4) and concludes that: “This means that the number of unvaxxed persons over the age of 5, is 22%-9%, or 13% of the entire country’s population. Well, if that is undercounted by 6% of the population, this means that there is 19/13-1 = 46% more unvaccinated than previously thought.

This does not even begin to consider vaccination fraud and fake vaccinations that I mentioned above, that definitely exists but is hard to quantify.”

  • Florida and the CDC are not releasing the state's COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough data.5)

Important: If these underreporting figures are accurate it means that any COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness data based on official numbers of the percent of the USA population vaccinated significantly overestimates vaccine efficacy!!

United Kingdom

As of December 2021 the UK government advised that 89% of the eligible population was fully vaccinated. However, a report from the UK Health Security Agency confirms that only 62% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated 6).


The Netherlands government reports 85.9% of the population as fully vaccinated but Our World in Data (maintained by researchers at the University of Oxford) reports only 67% of the Netherlands Population is fully vaccinated 7).

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