Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was an American writer and civil servant primarily focused on education policy.

Career in Government

During Ronald Reagan's first term, Iserbyt served as a senior policy advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), part of the U.S. Department of Education.

Sabotage of U.S. Education

Iserbyt is best known for taking leadership in an effort to expose and push back against the dumbing down of the American public through the educational system. She became an advocate of homeschooling.

Change Agents

Former U.S. Department of Education senior policy advisor and whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt explained how change agents were put in place to engineer a covert systemic change in the American educational system. After coming across a federally-funded grant entitled “Better Education Skills through Technology (Project BEST)”, which she leaked to the conservative news outlet Human Events, she began giving interviews and writing books to expose and correct what she felt was direct sabotage of the American public.