Housekeeping for Campfire

This page is a dynamic page, meant for keeping notes as we transition from Google Drive to Campfire.

Messages From Mathew on Telegram:

Mathew Crawford, [03.11.21 16:16] This Sunday evening during usual meeting time, I will give something like a 10 minute lesson on how to contribute to a wiki page for anyone interested.

Cody Porter, [03.11.21 16:20] [In reply to Mathew Crawford] Hey, I already made accounts for many / most and have been distributing. I haven't updated the account with the individual email addresses yet because we haven't started sending emails afaik and I just wanted to get people hands on. THIS HAS BEEN DONE. CHECK OFF LIST.

Cody Porter, [03.11.21 16:22] I think a lot of people are learning hands on right now, which will make your lecture on Sunday all the more useful because people will know enough to ask questions. CODY IS CORRECT HERE, THE DEMANDS FOR YOUR TIME IN THE MEETING ARE PROBABLY MORE THAN THE TEN MINUTES YOU ALLOCATED.

Mathew Crawford, [03.11.21 16:16] Wikis are one of the easiest computer systems to learn, really. Hardly a step up from google docs.

Naming Pages

In naming pages, the name chosen should be very specific to the page topic. Once a page is created, the name of the page cannot be changed, but must be deleted and recreated. While page names cannot be changed, page titles may be changed easily.

The topic “vaccine research” provides an example of the importance of naming specific to the topic. A page named “vaccine_research” would be devoted to vaccines in general, but a page named “COVID-19 vaccine_research” would specifically be devoted to COVID-19 vaccines. Both pages could eventually become foundations for separate encyclopedias.

Questions for Sunday's Meeting

  • Naming conventions? How to name? The importance of proper and specific naming.
  • Page hierarchy
  • Syntax
  • How to move from Google Drive in an organized fashion w/o loosing pages/information, but avoiding duplication of effort.

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