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Bitcoin Media

Bitcoin Media is a collection of common and popular Bitcoin books, websites, podcasts, influencers, and more.

Bitcoin Websites

Beginner Friendly

Books About Bitcoin

Bitcoin Podcasts and Videos

Bitcoin Podcasts

These podcasts focus more on Bitcoin specifically than cryptocurrencies in general.

Bitcoin Videos

Blogs and Newsletters With Excellent Bitcoin Discussion

Bitcoin on Social Media

Bitcoin Twitter

The Twittersphere is where the cryptocurrency conversations (and memes) rage, primarily. This deserves its own subcategories. Also know that Twitter seems to heavily manipulate feeds, and cryptocurrency is one of the areas in which they do so. If some of these folks irritate your political sensibilities, get over it and put on your filter like an adult.

Why Twitter?

Serious Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Thinkers

  • Nick Szabo is one of the world's best economic minds. Warning: may irritate the Woke. Big Trump supporter. His blog, Unenumerated , is full of gems.
  • Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the world's best Bitcoin teachers. Warning: may irritate the MAGA folks. Never Trumper.
  • Paul Sztorc also writes the and blogs/sites and is one of the important developers of Drivechain /sidechains, which might link most all cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin in the future.
  • Jameson Lopp is one of the great Bitcoin educators .
  • Nic Carter is one of the clearest thinkers in this entire space. Better writer than speaker.
  • Caitlin Long is my favorite ex-Wall Street Bitcoiner, and also Founder/CEO of AvantiBank .
  • Theory of Bitcoin – Warning: While some of the information here may be good, this account may be a propaganda account in an internal war over which Bitcoin fork is the “real Bitcoin”. This is where you have to up your game in terms of filtering information. Often, 90% is good, real information, and 10% is manipulation.
  • Lesley Carhart is an infosec specialist and all around bad ass.
  • Jimmy Song is an OG Bitcoiner with develop and writing credentials
  • Roger Ver was a Bitcoin evangelist who started shilling for the BCH sidechain. Might be an act. Hard to say.
  • Plan B with the $100T and stock-to-flow discussion in particular.
  • Marty Bent runs a free newsletter.
  • This account dedicated to the work of John Nash and his concept of Ideal Money

Cryptocurrency Education

Cryptocurrency News

Core Bitcoin Developers (past and present)

Cryptocurrency Conferences

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Think of cryptocurrency exchanges like major corporations. They have their own interests. It is important to keep this in mind because the information they emit is valuable, but there is also plenty of politics embedded.

Cryptocurrency Mining

  • Rich Godwin of Cormint (my personal Bitcoin mentor when I started out)

Cryptocurrency Projects

Cryptocurrency Thought Leaders

Take the title with a grain of salt. Being a “thought leader” is a matter of gaining attention, or the appearance of attention. This could be for positive or nefarious purposes. It may also be that some of these people speak “your language” better than others, so some may be good teachers for you, and some may not be.

Cryptocurrency Finance, Trading, and Hedge Funds

  • Sunayna Tuteja is the Chief Innovations Officer at the Federal Reserve and a digital asset specialist.
  • Ari Paul of BlockTower Capital. Note: Ari hits the notes right talking about Bitcoin, but his firm hasn't even surpassed Bitcoin's returns. I do not particularly trust him for a few reasons, including his promotion of bad crypto projects, and the fact that he's getting rich simply by holding other people's Bitcoin.
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