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America Mission

America Mission is a political advocacy organization founded by Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence in January 2023.

The organization frequently hosts Twitter spaces with team members Maze Love, Trash Discourse, Vinnie (@PSP_Podcast), and others.

Dustin Stockton, Jennifer Lawrence, and January 6 involvement

Both Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence were profiled in a Politico article titled The Bonnie and Clyde of MAGA World. Dustin Stockton has a long history in MAGA pro-Trump activism. He co-founded WeBuildTheWall, which raised funds to construct a portion of the US-Mexico border wall.

Both activists were involved in planning and promoting pro-Trump events in Washington on January 5 and 6. Both were subpoenaed by the Select Committee on the “January 6th Attack”.

While Stockton is likely aware of Donald Trump's criticism of CNN as 'fake news', he nonetheless appeared on CNN to discuss the January 6 events. The CNN article headline reads: 'It was serious, it was violent and it was a problem'.

Statement on Q/Anons, Oathkeepers, III%ers, and January 6th Protesters

Prior to America Mission, Dustin Stockton wrote the Substack Tyrant's Curse. In a July 27, 2021 post titled Statement on Q/Anons, Oathkeepers, III%ers, and January 6th Protesters he encourages “people to join or start patriot groups dedicated to preserving the Constitution”.

The III%ers is a patriot group that is named after the (supposed) 3 percent of the American colonists that fought in the field against the British forces during the American Revolutionary War. While the organization's About Us page describes the Three Percenters as “NOT a militia”, the organization's Dec 2021 webpage states that one of the organization's 3 principles is “No First Use Of Force”. The organization is “purely defensive and only as a last resort”.

Other patriot groups with less extreme politics (e.g. the Proud Boys) were in attendance at the January 6 events, with some members of these groups being held in jail for many months while waiting for their trial. No mention is made of such groups so the Substack piece does not mention joining groups with more mainstream views.

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