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Operation Uplift Projects

Campfire Wiki

That's where you're reading this!

The Campfire Wiki is going to take a tremendous amount of work. Documenting the COVID-19 pandemic and other events is a serious task, akin to climbing Mt. Everest for two years with tens of millions of Karens screaming at you and police chasing you because you should be quarantined in your home for not wearing a second facemask while having less than fourteen injections of something nobody knows all that much about, yet.

Technical Help

It takes time to learn how to contribute to a wiki. Remember to ask questions in the Telegram group. Working together can accomplish great documentation, which allows the world to leverage our efforts.


Operation Uplift's goals are primarily educational in nature.

Operation Uplift Substack

Viral Absurdities

Viral Absurdities emerged from a pair of articles at the Rounding the Earth substack to document the many absurdities of the COVID-19 pandemic, and lay them plain for others to view all together and shed cognitive dissonance.

Medical Freedom

Yellow Wrist Bands