Venom Poisoning Hypothesis

In April 2022, Dr. Bryan Ardis appeared with Stew Peters in a one hour documentary titled Watch the Water suggesting that snake venom is being used to poison people during the COVID-19 pandemic, including through the water supply.1) This theory draws on elements of the genetic engineering hypothesis of SARS-CoV-2 origins.

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Research report finding toxin-like peptides similar to those in animal venom (conotoxins, phospholipsases, phosphodiesterases, zinc metal proteinases, and bradykinins) were found in fecal samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in control patients.2)

It is known that messenger RNA in snake venom is unusually stable, associated with the dynamics of venom replenishment.3)

Snakes and Snake Venom

Snake venoms are one class of toxins, which are of interest to biochemists and pharmaceutical researchers.

Snake Venom in Biotechnology

Snake venom has been a foundational direction for pharmaceutical research and biotechnology for decades. The company VenomTech runs a “library of 20,000 peptides, proteins, and small molecules derived from venoms.”4)

Nanofibrous Snake Venom Hemostat

A “self-assembling nanofibrous peptide hydrogel (termed SLac) that on its own can act as a physical barrier to blood loss,” has been described in a 2015 paper.5)

Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies

  • History of Envenoming Therapy and Current Perspectives6)
    • “The Nobel Prize-winning discovery of serum therapy for the treatment of bacterial infections (tetanus and diphtheria) paved the way for the introduction of antivenom therapies for envenomings caused by venomous animals. These antivenoms are based on polyclonal antibodies derived from the plasma of hyperimmunized animals and remain the only specific treatment against animal envenomings.”

Snake/Serpent Symbolism

Around the primary arguments, Ardis weaves discussion of snakes, reptiles, and venom with varying linkage to the actual hypothesis. The snake around the staff is a common medical symbol, used both by the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization.

Bing Liu

When Bing Liu was murdered, he was researching peptides and proteins and thier interactions with SARS-CoV-2. He had just announced the discovery of a cure for COVID-19.

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