The Vaccine Wars

These are not necessarily the articles at Rounding the Earth originally titles as “The Vaccine Wars”, but are the articles that relate to the vaccines.

Risk-Benefit Analysis

Vaccine Risks

COVID-19 Vaccine Mortality Data

Disease Enhancement and Mutation

Defining Away Vaccine Safety Signals

The DMED Saga Stories can be found here.

    • VAERS seems to be designed to fail.
    • Does not publicly show updates of patients, so deaths may be vastly undercounted.
    • Mortality reports are far above all prior vaccines, even assuming a minimum.
    • There is active suppression of reporting.
    • Many administrative errors are listed, showing procedural harm, yet authorities seem entirely uninterested.

Vaccine Efficacy

Systemic Vaccine Efficacy

Since the individual is not the system, the true efficacy of a vaccine as should be measured in a risk-benefit analysis can only be determined by examining the effects on the system.

Local Vaccine Efficacy

Propaganda and Censorship


Criminalization of Dissent

Countering Propaganda

Vaccine Dissidents