Empire: The Military Occult Banking Syndicate

During the first three years of writing at RTE, I found myself reading and researching deeper and deeper into the web of connections surrounding Theosophy and related occult groups. The connections to major events in world history, global organizations, military intelligence, and mafia are so vast that the effort now subsumes the larger project of Rounding the Earth. I will try to organize a guide to my writings and research here.

Theosophy and Neo-Theosophical Organizations

Theosophy and Major World Events

Theosophy at the United Nations

  • The Lucis Trust is a Theosophical Society project.

Theosophy in Asia

Theosophy in Russia

Theosophy, Neo-Theosophy, and Plandemonium

Scientology as Neo-Theosophy

Theosophical Occultism and Parapsychology

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