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 ===== Education ===== ===== Education =====
 Operation Uplift's goals are primarily educational in nature. Operation Uplift's goals are primarily educational in nature.
 +==== Operation Uplift Campfire.Wiki (you are reading it now) ====
 +We strive to develop and continually update this wiki with all things CoVid related.  This includes providing tools relevant to research (useful data sets, online research tools and thought organization tools); keeping on top of the latest pre-published and published studies; current events and data; analyzing the latest data and reporting responsibly.  As a group with diverse backgrounds: medicine, mathematics, data analysis, media, legal, information technology, digital design, education, critical thinking and art; we work both as a group and as individuals to sift, congeal and document information
 ==== Operation Uplift Substack ==== ==== Operation Uplift Substack ====