List of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries in Pilots and Flight Attendants

Numerous airline pilots and flight attendants have been injured or killed shortly after receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines. This is a list of their stories, and discussion of evidence of association with vaccination.

U.S. Freedom Flyers

  • Vaccine Injured Pilot Steps Forward - US Freedom Flyers1)

Vaccine Associated Pilot Deaths and Injuries

Airline pilots were under substantial pressure early in 2021 to get vaccinated, so their collective story gives us a pilot's eye view of safety concerns over COVID-19 vaccines.

Unconfirmed Deaths and Injuries

  • A WestJet pilot suffered a cardiac event while flying from Calgary to Atlanta on December 6, 2021. The co-pilot took control and safely returned to Calgary. WestJet did not disclose the condition of the pilot as of the following day.2)

  • Cody Flint

Mr. Flint is a pilot who participated in Senator Ron Johnson's forum on November 2, 2021

ALPA Death Announcement Controversy

Are the “In Memoriam” releases evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are increasing the mortality rates of pilots?

Passenger Injuries, Too

Research on Health Risks Associated With Air Travel

It is important to understand that any vaccine risks associated with blood clots or cardiovascular performance in general get exacerbated by flying due to the effects of high altitudes.

  • May 29, 2018 (sciencedaily) Why heart function is reduced at high altitude.
  • Nov 15, 2019 (CNN) Astronauts experience reverse blood flow and blood clots on the space station, study says

Airline Industry Policies on COVID-19 Vaccines



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1) | Dec 27, 2021 | Red Pill News | Vaccine Injured Pilot Steps Forward - US Freedom Flyers
Herring, J. (2021, December 7). Defibrillator rushed to cockpit as medical emergency forces WestJet flight back to Calgary. Montreal Gazette.